After we read “12 ways to make 11” we thought of other ways we could create eleven using pictures of objects. There were some very creative pictures here are just a few…


10 fires plus 1 fly equals 11



10 hearts plus 1 teacher equals 11



1 cat plus 9 butterflies plus 1 teacher equals 11



2 bears plus 4 elephants plus 5 monkeys equals 11



3 hamburgers plus 4 hot dogs plus 4 water bottles equals 11



1 hay bale plus 2 horses plus 3 butterflies plus 4 birds plus 1 house equals 11


3 thoughts on “Eleven!!!!

  1. Wow! I love how you were able to show the number eleven in so many different ways? It looks like you even had fun while you were learning about the number eleven too!

  2. It is nice to see your very own thinking when it comes to making sense of numbers. First graders, I am very impressed. I think your teacher is also impressive for allowing you to do this!
    Mrs. Farris

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