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National Park Projects in 6th grade…

on November 12, 2015

Students in the 6th grade read about different National Parks located in the United States.  After reading and discussing these beautiful places, students got into groups to research their own. They had to pick a different park to research. Students in the group divided up what to delve into such as: attractions, animals, plants, hiking, camping, safety precautions, weather, and other tips from their park for tourists to know about.  They worked hard to put all their findings on a poster, which we called a giant “brochure.”  We saw some awesome presentations. Great job 6th grade!

Now hear straight from them! Students are going to go onto the blog and type some of their information about the park they researched.  Great job explorers 🙂 


45 Responses to “National Park Projects in 6th grade…”

  1. Blaiz Kirkham says:

    The national place that I have researched about was Tonto national forest. It has many animals like coyotes. It also has a lot of trees like the aliverde tree. There are many things to do there. You can hike, ride your bikes and many other things to do.

  2. Avery Lovrien says:

    Me, Cruz, and Daniela’s project was about the Brazilian landmark made by many volcanoes erupting and exploding holes in the landscape. The name of our National park was Iguassu Falls. It had many waterfalls and lakes. The most impressive waterfall that most tourist’s watch, is shaped like a U. Our park was one of the most viewed in the world. I personally think it is a beautiful landmark and I might go there someday!

  3. joshua langwell says:

    My report was on the glacier national park. The weather in the winter was about 25 degrees or lower,and in the summer it was 60 degrees or higher. The animal that me and my group found were a billy goat. We also found out that there are 23 different species of fish. we found out it was very beautiful to just just gaze out there

  4. Eva Granillo says:

    Our group researched Niagara Falls. A fact that we found was, there is a place just 5 minutes away from the Falls and you can go to that is called Bird Kingdom and you can feed and interact with so many different species of birds that are trained and friendly. Another fact is that Niagara Falls never freezes over because it’s always moving and there is a lot of water so if a little got frozen, it would melt very quickly. Also the first European to discover and document the Falls was Father Louis, a priest from France. One more fact about Niagara Falls is that rare flowers are there and some of them are Thistle and Tiger Daisy and they are all over the Falls. I loved researching Niagara Falls and doing the project with the group and I can’t wait for more projects to come. 🙂

  5. Paige Labadie says:

    The national forest the group was doing was King’s Canyon. There were over 10 invasive plants. One of them was a Cheat grass or Foxglove. King’s Canyon is very beautiful in pictures i wonder what it will be like in real life ? This national park is located in Utah.

  6. Katie Hirn says:

    My group did kings canyon.Paige,Tara,Alexis and Me studied this beautiful park. There are lots of trees 2 huge mountains. There are many black bear encounters in this area.There are also precautions that you have to burn charcoal in a wide open space or carbon mioxide can be deadly.

  7. Tara Klein says:

    I did my report on Kings Canyon. Kings Canyon is really pretty. It has black bears and over 77 mammal species. In the winter from August until April it’s in the higher 30’s. There is a lot of places to go camping there, but sometimes the black bears will steal your food. Big horn goats there too. There is around 15 endangered species there. I learned that there is a lot of kinds of squirrels there. Such as, regular brown squirrel, Doug squirrel, and more. There is many kinds of flowers there, and birds. That is what i learned from my subject in this project.

  8. Ashley Moore says:

    My report has about mammoth cave

    My part was the weather it really cold and rainy because there is a lot of rainfalls… SO WHERE YOUR’RE RAIN SUITS!!!

  9. Katelynn Hook says:

    Dear Mrs. Iovino, My group worked on Mammoth Cave National park. I did the animals that live in Mammoth Cave. Some of the animals that I researched were the Blind Cave Fish, the Cave Salamander, and the Cave Hyena. I researched the animals and plants. One of the plants I researched was the Curling Frond.

  10. Brandon Kidwell says:

    My park was Yellowstone park. Yellowstone has many animals like a wolf,elk. Yellowstone is very cold so you probably want to bring a jacket. Here are some safety tips always watch your child. never touch the animal life no matter how calm it is. At Yellowstone you can Camp,hike,fish,dig for dinosaurs bones, and watch the wild life. What park did you chose? Have you been to Yellow stone? Do you want to go to Yellowstone?

  11. Johnathan olson says:

    My group did Zion national park in Utah. You can hike,camping,canoeing,ranger activity, and more.There is a lot of animals living there. We had a lot of fun trying to find info.

  12. Anthony says:

    My group project was about Tonto National Forest.There is a lot to do like hunting,fishing and camping. There are several animals that you might see like rabbits,snakes and road runners. The forest has some big lakes to go fishing in.

  13. anastasia harris says:

    hi i did my project on mammoth cave with Ashley and Katelyn. it was hard work to do in 3 days but we pulled through. the day of the project we forgot the poster. mammoth cave has a fish called the blind fish. the cave is full of color. the cave trails are long.it is 82.63 miles long sorry miles cubed.and it is cold and rainy so be prepared

  14. Alexis says:

    Dear Ms.Iovino,
    My presentaion was on Kings canyon.I didn’t learn much because I did this one last year. But I learned the over their in the grass there is tic’s and if you don’t watch were you step you could get lime diease’s.Also there is endangred spieces.

  15. Angel Romero says:

    The National forest or park my group was doing was Tonto National Forest. We did this forest because it seemed more interesting for us.

  16. Daniela Escorcia says:

    Iguacu falls was one of the most amazing National Park I have ever studied about. My partners Avery and Cruz also learned about it. Iguacu falls has more that 280 falls and it is located in the border of Brazil. Iguacu falls is a huge tourist attraction because of its amazing waterfalls and more than 2,000 people visit it each year. In Iguacu falls there are lots of things to do like zip lining,trekking,and waterfall boat riding. Iguacu falls also has more then 2,000 species of plants and some are the Palo Rosa witch means pink stick. I really enjoyed this project and I loved exploring Iguacu falls.

  17. Raymond says:

    My National park was Tonto national forest. I learned that there are animals such as coyotes,rabbits,and bears. You can go fishing, climbing,horse back riding,boating,and camping. You can find plants such as the saguaro cactus,burrow cactus,and many other plants. There are landscapes such as mountains,cliffs,lakes,rivers,and caves.

  18. Dayna Lamm says:

    My project was on Niagara Falls,it was amazing doing research on it. Niagara Falls is collective with three beautiful waterfalls, that border Canada and United States! The elevation is 167’and the height is 167′ the rate flow is 84,760 feet. There is bridges at Niagara Fall like, Rainbow Bridge, Whirlpool Rapids Bridge. Niagara Falls has only on island called Luna island. One safety tip to remember is don’t climb over the railings!

  19. Serenity Van Pelt says:

    My project was about Niagara Falls.There are small islands.There is manly water saronding the islands.Many people vist there.Also you can bout and camp on the islands.

  20. Cruz Daianna Martinez says:

    My National Park was Iguacu Falls is located near the border between Argentina and Brazil.
    Iguacu Falls has more than 1,000 waterfalls in it’s park. It covers more than 100,000 miles all by itself. The activities there are trekking,hiking,and zip lining. The animals are not to be fed especially a certain type of raccoon.This raccoon is known for fighting with people and stealing their food. Iguacu is a very peaceful environment where you will have fun.

  21. Elijah Gentry says:

    We did glacier national park for are project.There are tons of different
    spices.animals and birds.We each did different parts of the project.

  22. Kathryn says:

    My national park was Yellowstone National Park. I learned that Yellowstone was the first national park to be made in the world. It includes a variety of animals, from bison to bears. It also includes a beautiful variety of flowers, one flower’s name is even named paintbrush. Yellowstone is about 3,468 squared miles and has over 900 miles of hiking trails. Yellowstone is a beautiful place and you should go visit it. ✈

  23. Craig bro says:

    On my monument valley project I learned that it has only 1 campground .

  24. Gabriel says:

    MY project was on Niagara falls. I learned Niagara falls separates the U.S.A and Canada. over 5000 bodies were found in the water of Niagara falls.

  25. Adelyn Simpson says:

    Dear Ms. Iovino,
    My park was Galapagos National park. It has a lot of wildlife including seals, iguanas, and the last Galapagos tortoise, George. It also has lots of plants. There are also hiking trails. You are not aloud to camp there because of all the animals.

    Adelyn S.

  26. Tatum says:

    Chad,Adelyn, Lindsay and I learned about the Galapagos Islands National Park. There were a lot of important facts that you needed to learn in order to make the project a lot more interesting. We learned about the history that is behind the Islands.The animals that they have or had there have mostly become extinct.We really learned a lot

  27. Stephanie says:

    My group did the Montezuma Well.It is located in Camp Verde Arizona.We learned a lot about the park.It was really interesting. I found that the most interesting thing is there are 379 different types of plants.

  28. Elijah says:

    What i did was on a national park named Denali it is a really big park and just for safety you are allowed to carry pepper spray just for safety precaution and there are lots of bears there and that is one of the reasons why you can carry pepper spray.

  29. samuel english says:

    Me and Craig both did Monument valley located in Utah and Arizona. it stretches for miles with Mountains carved by erosion. it has a airport with 1 tarmac and you can drive straight through it. A 5 stars must see

  30. jose says:

    My group researched the redwood forest it has animals like bears and owls it has trees that can grow up to 26 stories.

  31. Tori Porter says:

    I did my project is on The big bend and there are 3 hiking trails and there are no camp sights because of the dangerous animals

  32. Devin Ross says:

    Me Zac, Doug and Jose did the Redwood forest. It has the biggest tree in the world it is as tall as a 26 story building. You can hike and eat your lunch at a picnicked table. If you want to camp there with your family you can but be careful for the bears.

  33. Zac Coburn says:

    The national park that we researched was Redwood. My partners were Me,Devin,Doug,and Jose. I researched about plants and animals, Devin did how big and weather, Doug did safety and history, and Jose did camping and hiking.

  34. lindsay swigert says:

    the galapagos islands national park is a great place it has wildlife , hiking , but no camping because of safty reasons

  35. Nicolas smith says:

    i think that my project was really good.my teacher said that it was well that my model was good and that she like it and it looks like i pot a lot of effort.a lot of other people did the same thing that i did which was Niagara fails.

  36. Joseph says:

    Denali national park is 4,724,735.16 acres big. It is also in Alaska where mt. McKinley is at. William Dickey named Mt. McKinley.

  37. Zoey Miller says:

    My national park is The Big Bend it is in Texas.They have 1000 species of plants and they have over 692 species of animals.They have over 56 species of fish there if you are going to hike you are going to have to carry one gallon of water with you.The park was first open on June 12,1944.It is a little over 801,163 miles long and 1,250 miles wide it is about the size of Rhode Island.You can take three different hikes desert hikes and Mountain hikes and even river hikes.

  38. Chad says:

    me Tatum,Lindsay and Adelyn worked on the Galapagos islands. there is only one giant tortoise left on the island his name is lonesome George.they don’t allow camping its restricted to the public.

  39. gracie lansing says:

    I liked working on this project it was cool to learn about a national park. Me and my group did our project on Niagara falls.There are over 5000 bodies at the bottom of it. Also it is 160 feet tall and is the size of three normal waterfalls.It i s a beautiful place but there is no camp sites but there are local hotels. People come from all over the world to see this amazing waterfall.

  40. Elijah Tucker says:

    My national park was Montezuma Well.We researched the Food Chain the Weather the Size the Hiking the Camping the Plants and the History of the Montezuma Well.The food chain begins with chemicals the chemicals eat the Algae the Algae eats the amphipods the amphipods eat the leaches then it all restarts.The weather depends on the seasons and months.The size of the Montezuma well is 1.316 squared.their is a half a mile hike.You are not allowed to camp in the Montezuma area .Their is 379 species of plant in Montezuma well along with the Montezuma castle.The Montezuma well was formed along time ago by a sink hole in the limestone.That is all on the Montezuma well research.

  41. Tristan Jensen says:

    there was over 500 bodies pulled out of Niagara falls. Niagara falls is over a 150 feet tall. Niagara falls is the border for separating the us from Canada.

  42. Saul says:

    Me and my group did a project of the Montazuma Well and its like a pond but people cannot go in it cause their is leeches that attach to human skin and people cannot camp there unless if you have a rv but other than that its a very beautiful place.

  43. seleste says:

    I learn from my group is that Niagara Fall
    bring many tourists and the weather is great in June,July,August,and September.They is at lest 21 animals in Niagara Fall.Like bears,lions,jaguar,monkey,grey wolf,and bobcat.It was made in the end of the ice age.You can’t camp in a tent because of the animals.The height of it is 167 feet tall.Niagara Fall is made of three water falls.A rule there is that you can’t jump in it people could die or get badly injured.

  44. Neshma says:

    Nico,Renata,Graciella and Seleste and I learn about Niagara fall park. We learn about history and animals and much more and how to work in a group and it was a lot of fun.

  45. Naomi Rothschild says:

    MY national park was the Big Bend in Texas. There is three different types of hikes. There is mountain hikes, river hikes, and desert hikes.There is over 692 different species of animals and 1000 species of plants.

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