Miss Iovino

6th grade- English Language Arts (Apache Junction Unified School District Edublogs site)

National Park Projects in 6th grade…

Students in the 6th grade read about different National Parks located in the United States.  After reading and discussing these beautiful places, students got into groups to research their own. They had to pick a different park to research. Students in the group divided up what to delve into such as: attractions, animals, plants, hiking, camping, safety precautions, weather, and other tips from their park for tourists to know about.  They worked hard to put all their findings on a poster, which we called a giant “brochure.”  We saw some awesome presentations. Great job 6th grade!

Now hear straight from them! Students are going to go onto the blog and type some of their information about the park they researched.  Great job explorers 🙂 



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