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Fall Break is just around the corner!

on October 5, 2015

Hello students, parents, and families ūüôā¬†

A friendly reminder that NEXT week we will be on Fall Break.  While this is an exciting time to have a week off school, it also means that our 1st Quarter has come to an end and grades are due.  Students will receive their report card when they return from Fall Break.  I give my students grades for the following: Reading, Writing, Social Studies, and Language Arts.  Students Mesopotamia projects were worth the most points this quarter since they worked on it for an entire month.  That project falls into most categories for grading.  

Parent/ Teacher conferences are also right around the corner! Parents, look for a schedule coming home soon for you to sign up which day and time you would like to come in. I will do my best to accommodate for you.  Thanks again and looking forward to seeing you!

Have a great and restful Fall Break. 

-Ms. Iovino 

5 Responses to “Fall Break is just around the corner!”

  1. BrandonKidwell says:

    I give Fish in a tree 4 stars because it makes you predict whats going to happen next. Also I like the book so far. What Chapter are you on? Do you like the book so far? We are at chapter 5.

  2. Tara Klein says:

    I really like this book. It is very exciting and in some way it relates to me because I would have a secret I would be shy to tell like a grade I get. But, out of five stars I would rate this book so far five stars. I really liked the part when the principle asked her to read a poster because I feel like when we read that I could tell her personality better. Sometimes she really doesn’t mean to be rude just her problem that gets in the way.

    • linsday swigert says:

      i think that i would give it a five star too
      it is a good book and i can actually relate to ally i have a older brother and i am not really popular at school and i usually don’t under stand things in class.

  3. linsday swigert says:

    i would give this book a five star . i can relate to ally i am kind of a nobody at school and i am good at math and reading but i am really bad at writing.

  4. elijah calvo says:

    my project was about Zion park i did it with my friend John we got a lot of facts.

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