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Fish in a Tree- The Global Read Aloud

6th grade is reading a wonderful book titled, “Fish in a Tree.”  It is about a young girl who struggles in school and her finding herself and expressing who she is.  

6th graders, this is your spot to post about the book! You will be clicking the “comment” button throughout the next month and responding to questions, summarizing, rating the book, giving your opinion, and much more.  

Go ahead and start typing! Soon we will be connecting with another class about the book 🙂 

Happy Blogging! 



Fall Break is just around the corner!

Hello students, parents, and families 🙂 

A friendly reminder that NEXT week we will be on Fall Break.  While this is an exciting time to have a week off school, it also means that our 1st Quarter has come to an end and grades are due.  Students will receive their report card when they return from Fall Break.  I give my students grades for the following: Reading, Writing, Social Studies, and Language Arts.  Students Mesopotamia projects were worth the most points this quarter since they worked on it for an entire month.  That project falls into most categories for grading.  

Parent/ Teacher conferences are also right around the corner! Parents, look for a schedule coming home soon for you to sign up which day and time you would like to come in. I will do my best to accommodate for you.  Thanks again and looking forward to seeing you!

Have a great and restful Fall Break. 

-Ms. Iovino 


Mesopotamia Ancient Civilizations Project

Every quarter our 6th graders work very hard on a Project based learning assignment.  They are given the Social Studies Topic and then get to pick which sub-topic they would like to research for. First Quarter in Social Studies involved Ancient Mesopotamia and the times during the 4th Dynasty! Students had a chance to research: agriculture and farming, religion, architecture and inventions, culture, or Military.  They had over a month to research, take notes, organize their notes, write a rough draft, edit their paper, write or type a final draft, and create the visual!

The visuals were very unique in our class. I let students choose what type of visuals they wanted to present to the class on Presentation Day (September 30th).  Students made some awesome poster boards, built pyramids, made a power point, or a Powtoon video!

Here are just some of the posters!

FullSizeRender FullSizeRender_1 FullSizeRender_2 FullSizeRender_3 Excellent work researchers on your first Quarter Project!

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