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Turkey Writing! Step by Step Process

on December 1, 2014

Before Thanksgiving break, students had a fun writing contest to participate in on How to cook a Turkey! They had 20 minutes to write as many detailed steps as they could.  The focus wasn’t exactly on the directions on how to cook a turkey, but more about great word choice and variety of transition words. I was quite impressed with how well their writing was and how much they know about cooking turkeys! Students had great details and were precise even down to pre-heating the oven or taking the wrapper off the turkey.  There was a winner from each class:  Roxanne Turner, Jaden Skinner, and Madalynn Servant.  Excellent writing 6th graders 🙂 Gobble-Gobble!

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One Response to “Turkey Writing! Step by Step Process”

  1. Dear Sixth Grade,
    What a fun thing to write about! I hope you went home and helped your parents when it came time to actually cook a turkey. 🙂

    Write on,
    Mrs. Farris

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