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Book Commercial!

Students worked really hard on their Book Trailers/ Book Commercials.

They had to read a book and then display their knowledge in a creative way. Some students made videos on animoto, prezi presentations, poster board display, cereal box model, brochures to pass out, and much more clever ideas!

We had two straight days of presentation and students were graded on a rubric that they were given in advance.

Thank you to all the students who were a respectable audience and cheered on their peers for confidently presenting their projects.

Below are some links have some really great videos…



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Logan’s Cereal Box Project



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Book Commercials…

Your child is going to be starting a project this week!  Their first task is to complete reading a chapter book of their choice by September 26th.  Students have independent reading time daily for about 20 minutes.  However, they may need to be reading at home to complete this task on time.

They are going to create a Book commercial/ or Book trailer to show the class.

On Friday, September 26th students will be presenting their projects to the class!

They can make a video, poster board, cereal box display, Prezi/power point, brochures, Google doc app, or many other options we have discussed in class. This is their chance to get creative instead of another dull boring book report we all dread!

I will be giving students some class time throughout the next couple weeks, but students must know they are also responsible for working on this project at home.

If they do not have internet at home they may come into my class during free time to work.

I will be sending home a flier explaining the project as well (and the requirements I am looking for.)

Can’t wait to see what our directors create : )

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