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“The World According to….”

Next week, your child will be writing a personal narrative about “their world.”  They will put themselves as the main character and tell about a personal experience just like Humphrey!  They will have the chance to put some of their favorite things into their story that they liked from the book.

This is a reminder to make sure your child is reading the book at home and staying on track. They need to finish reading the book by May 12th to get into the big event!

On May 12, students who have completed the story will have the opportunity to participate in arts and crafts, look at the different grade level galleries, and even go inside the gigantic moving hamster ball!

Time is ticking…so make sure you are reading, “The World According to Humphrey.”

Ms. Iovino had the chance to crawl into the GIANT ball and loved it!

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One Book One School…

As some of you may know our school started our kick off to One Book One School last Friday.

The book is titled, “The World According to Humphrey’s”

It’s a Family Read Aloud where students can get engaged with a book at home!

Our 6th graders have detective work to do while reading. They are to find evidence from the text to support the “Tips” that are given at the end of every chapter.

Students not only each got their very own copy of the book, but also got some great tools to use while reading. If students complete the book in time and fill out their “paw print” chart, they can come out and participate on our big event outside! Some students may get the opportunity to crawl into a GIANT hamster ball!

Detectives start reading and finding your clues…

Check out this great video to see more made my Mrs. Moore and her 3rd graders!



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