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AIMS parent meeting…

As you know, AIMS is fast approaching us!

Students will be taking the AIMS test April 14 – 17.  For 6th grade the test will consist of writing, math, and reading.

As teachers, we are doing everything in our power to prep students to be ready, comfortable, and confident for this week!

Parents can help too! Make sure students are working on their homework every night, reading, and practicing test strategy skills they are learning in class. 

Students will be bringing home a flier this week regarding a parent meeting.  We will be hosting a night that we encourage parents to come into their child’s classroom and receive more information on the AIMS test and what parents can do to help.  We will also discuss the goals that we set with your children back in October.

Hope to see you soon!




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Letter to myself…



What will I be like at sixteen?


photo 2

Students wrote a letter to themselves…..but to themselves when they are sixteen! They wrote advice to themselves and where they thought they may be. For example, some talked about what friends they want to have, what sports they think they might play, how they do in school academically, what electives they should take, getting their drivers license, getting their first job, having a later curfew, and having more responsibility! Students wrote these letters privately and did not show them to anyone. When they were finished they put them in an envelope and addressed them to themselves.

As the teacher, I put them in a safe spot to hold on to. On the last day of school, students will get their letters back.  Their task is to take them home and put them somewhere safe in their room. They must remember that they cannot open them UNTIL they are indeed sixteen!

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