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6th grade- English Language Arts (Apache Junction Unified School District Edublogs site)

Project Based Learning leads into the importance of Presenting!

Last week, students got into groups and worked hard researching about a beautiful place in the world such as: Parts of Asia, Greece, The Middle East, Egypt, or Rome!

Students had to find facts to fill up their graphic organizer and then in an organized fashion, work together in their group to create a poster.  Students drew pictures, drew maps, summarized, wrote their facts, and much more to create an unique poster than the rest.

Last Friday, they had to present their poster to the class.  They were graded on a rubric and had to explain their part in the group.  Students did an awesome job!

Some were nervous, but once they saw that all their peers had to do it they started to feel more comfortable.  Students in the audience were also given a rubric to follow and grade their peers.

At the end of the day, students got back into their groups to read the critiques about themselves. Some realized habits that they do and were unaware of! Such as: never making eye contact, mumbling, or speaking too fast.

Students were able to reflect and see what they could work on so next time they could be better presenters. We discussed the importance of being able to speak in front of a crowd and how the job they get when they are older may have a big part in presenting!

All in all, the projects came out great and the students enjoyed the week with collaborating with their team.

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What does it take to build something Grand?

We finished our unit this week on learning about man made monuments such as: The International Space Station, The Hoover Dam, The Golden Gate Bridge, Massive Statues in the world, and the Ancient Pyramids of Egypt.

We investigated what it took to build these extraordinary parts of the world and the connections between them.

We talked about the money involved, effort, hard work, struggles, materials, time frame, and more!

We also got to watch some amazing videos after each reading.

With our close reading skills, we were able to delve deeper on the authors purpose and citing evidence!

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