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Gallery Walk on the 7 traits!

Students have been doing a lot of “sharing” their work already this quarter.

We have tried it out in many different ways, but we decided we are really enjoying the activity called a “Gallery Walk.”

Students first have to write a creative story to participate.

They are focusing on the 7 traits and usually a couple in particularly to have it become their strong suit!

The traits are: Voice, Organization, Ideas, Word Choice, Conventions, Sentence Fluency, and Presentation.

Students get to critique their peers work by giving them a “Glow” and a “Grow.”  Our 6th grade scholars do a great job of being respectful of one another work.

After we are done walking around the room and giving valuable feedback, we travel back to our seats and reflect on what advice/compliments we got!

We then go into a discussion and talk about our instant feedback 🙂

Students always end this activity with sharing out loud what trait they feel they need to focus on extra hard next week- This could be a “grow” that someone gave them.”

Check out our pictures to see us action!

Adios, till the next Gallery Walk!

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