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Connected with Australia~

We have been collaborating with a class in Camberwell, Australia. Ms. Bakers 5/6 class, sent us some impressive presentations on fabulous places to visit in Australia.  We got the opportunity to explore this whole continent thanks to her class! We now all have the urge to go visit some day 🙂 

Now it is our turn!  Our class is creating a presentation for them. They are researching and explaining their top places in the United States, Arizona, and even zooming way in on Apache Junction!  We cannot wait to share them with our Australian pen pals.

Here is some pictures of our 6th graders working hard on their projects

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Winter Break is fast approaching…

Hello everyone,

Wanted to let parents and families know that report cards will be handed out to students the week after we return from Winter Break.

ALL work must be turned in to the students teacher no later than Wednesday December 18th. 

Also, students have a story collage/book report due on December 19th.  This is worth 100 points.  Students have had over a month to work on it.  We are looking forward to students presenting their work on that Thursday.

Wishing all families a safe and merry two weeks off! Happy Holidays!! 🙂


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Speech and Debate!

Students worked very hard for almost 2 weeks preparing for a persuasive speech!  They were telling American citizens what they would do to help make the world a better place and why it needs to be done.  On presentation day, we had students who debated against each other.  We even handed out ballots to vote for a top candidate! We have some fiery 6th graders that know how to handle a heated argument.  It was exciting to watch these scholars in action! Way to go 6th grade! 🙂

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