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Letters to our Veterans

Students wrote letters to our Veterans this past week showing their gratitude for all their hard work.  They did a great job writing final draft letters and illustrating a decoration to brighten up a soldiers day.  We also wanted to let them know that we appreciate them fighting for America’s freedom everyday instead of just this past holiday.  Below is a couple picture of students letters.

We are mailing these letters to the troops and have already contacted a soldier! He emailed us back saying that they would love to receive them and respond back! We are so excited to hear back from them soon 🙂

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3

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Arizona Word Challenge…

For our Australian friends!

Here are prompts you guys can pick from…

…the desert went on forever with cactus throughout…

…all of the sudden we spotted a rattle snake…

…the blazing sun beat down on a hot summer day…

…the roadrunner sped right past…

Arizona is known for it’s beautiful desert and sunsets! We have a very dry climate and VERY hot summer.  The weather can get up to 118 degrees F.  However, we have a very cool/nice winter.  Right now in November, the weather is in the high 70’s and amazing!  We have a lot of cactus, mountains, and animals such as: coyotes, bobcats, snakes, scorpions, rabbits, and our school mascot the roadrunner! BEEP-BEEP

Can’t wait to hear your stories and what you guys came up with!


Your pen pals,

Ms. Iovino’s 6th grade Language Art students


Australia Creative Writing

Our 6th graders are responding to your Challenge! We had a lot of fun doing this.  Here are your prompts to choose from them:


*…throw another shrimp on the barbie…

*…the outback was barren and dry…

*you didn’t tell me the kangaroo …

The students have typed in their stories!


Monster Match Writing

In spirits of Halloween this past week, we decided to have some creepy monsters come to life. The only way this was possible was based on students Descriptive writing.  The process went like this:

Step 1:  Students drew and created their monster.

Step 2:  Students wrote in very descriptive writing and detail saying what their monster looks like.  For example: “My monster has a very long spiraled tail with black and purple stripes on it.”  Students had to write as much as possible to explain their entire monster.

Step 3: Students got to work with a partner and sit back to back not seeing one anothers monsters.

Step 4: Students took turns reading the steps on how to draw their monster.  The person reading the steps had to read what was ONLY on their paper.  The partner who was drawing the monster could only ask their partner to slow down, or repeat the part.  Students realized that if the partner asked a question they could not clarify, because they can only read what is on their paper.  (This step showed students how good their descriptive writing really is.  They may have thought about what they should of added to make it more clear.)

Step 5: When the student finishes the drawing, they compare it to the original monster drawn.

Step 6: Now switch roles with your partner! (drawing and reading the steps on how to draw the monster)

We had a great discussion and students admitted what they would have done differently if they had a chance to do it again.  Some students said that they have realized how important it is to add lots of details.  They also learned how important it is to put their steps in sequential order.  For instance, you cannot tell your partner to start drawing arms if you have not yet expalined how the body looks.  Students really enjoyed this project and have become better descriptive writers because of it!


photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5 photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5

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