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Have you ever felt “Out of your Mind?”

Well we know our new favorite character Melody has at times.  6th graders are participating in the Global Read Aloud this school year! It is where a particular grade level reads a book and you can find students participating and reading the same book all around the WORLD! It truly is amazing to know that students just like us are reading the very same book at the very same moment.

We are reading a story called “Out of my Mind.”  It is about a girl named Melody who is eleven and has cerebral palsy.  She sits in a wheelchair and can only fully move and function her thumbs. She cannot speak so it’s very difficult to express what she is thinking/feeling. The crazy thing about Melody is that she has a photographic memory and is truly a genius!  We love her bubbly personality and feel for her at times when she has her “tornado explosions.”  We are a little more than half way through the book and a bit down when it’s time to stop reading for the day!

We have been able to connect with other classes around the world and it is very exciting.  We have asked other students questions and received responses back!

6th graders are also connecting the story with a literature circle in class.  This involves different roles (question creator, summarizer, vocabulary finder, story mapper, and discussion leader).  We have had some engaging discussions in class and looking forward to more as we progress in the book!

Our class highly recommends this book! Happy Reading 🙂 out-of-my-mind

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Our take on “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs”

This quarter, 6th graders have been working really hard on “Narrative” Writing. We have worked on different approaches of having our “voice” come out in our writing.  We have been the main character and added other characters into our story.  6th graders enjoyed writing their point of view and being the narrator.

Our unit was summed up with a very creative piece of writing!  We took our spin on the famous story, “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs” where food magically falls from the sky and serves the townspeople breakfast, lunch, and dinner!  We re-read the story and brainstormed our own ideas.  Students had to think of different words besides always using “raining.”  We came up with a ton of ideas:  hailed, tsunami, sprinkled, drizzled, snowed, blizzard, winds at different mph, wind fronts, downpour, hurricane, and much much more.

Students made up their own town name and told their side of the story of what would be served for the three meals.  They did an awesome job with descriptive writing and using awesome adjectives to describe their food.  It was not just any eggs floating down from the sky for breakfast! More like, “light fluffy scrambled eggs sprinkled with cheese on top, floated down from the sky.”

6th grade scholars had to use the “7 traits of writing” which consists of: ideas, organization, voice, word choice, sentence fluency, conventions, and presentation. They followed a rubric to help them keep track when writing.  They also had to follow the writing steps process: rough draft, revise, edit (self, peer, and group) final draft, publish, present!  Phew, lots of work huh?!  The students throughly enjoyed it and wrote amazing stories 🙂

Below is some collage pictures from “Presentation Day”  There is a collage for each hour!  Watch out when leaving your house today…..you just never know what may fall from the sky 😉  These writers are pretty believable hehe

photo 1photo 2photo 3Happy FALL BREAK everyone!!


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