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Creating a “What if World”

Students in 6th grade had some major creative writing going on this week!

Our scholars had to brainstorm a list of “what if worlds.”  For example:  What if our body had technology implemented inside? What if I was president?  What if we lived on earth with aliens?  What if everything in the world was free?!

After coming up with a list of ideas, students had to just pick one.  From there… they created a world of their own!

Their stories did not start out with “One Day” or explaining how their world was created, but having it be action packed right from the gecko!

They did an awesome job with starting their story of in an action scene.  Students had to pick a scene and load it up with details to reel their audience in.  We had to work hard on a powerful HOOK!  We all know that no one wants to read a boring story….right?!

Our 6th graders, worked hard on their Narrative and Descriptive writing this week 🙂

Bravo Scholars!! photo(2)photo(21)photo(25)photo(28)

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“The Crew” really can brighten your day! :)

During our Crew review we are always discussing and taking turns sharing how our jobs are going.

Whoever worked on that particular day presents to the class how their day went.  They let us know what job they worked, what went positive, maybe something that didn’t go so well, and something they want to work on for next week (set a goal or ways to improve.)

We give advice to help each other who need some tips on being punctual, remembering, and helping the younger students.

The best part is when students share out when other students on campus stopped them just because they noticed they were wearing their GOLD “crew” shirt.

Students have said the following:

*”A girl came up to me upset because she said she feels like her friend is mad at her.  I told her that she should just go up to her and ask her what is wrong and maybe say sorry.”

*”I helped another student tie their shoe today.”

*”A boy lost his flip flop on the playground! I helped him find it.”

*”I asked students to clean up under their table during lunch and they did.”

*”It felt good giving some of the little kids hugs as they entered the gate from the bus.”

*”I always make sure to give the little guys high-fives when they come through the gate in the morning!”

We are looking forward to sharing much much more “helping” stories going on around Four Peaks!

Way to go CREW team!


Crew Review yells out…ACTION!

Our Crew Review (morning meeting) this week had a new spin on it.

We have been reading, discussing, and learning about the 7 habits!  Students have drawn conclusions that no matter what kind of situation/scenario you may be in, one of the 7 habits can always come in handy to turn the conflict into a positive!

Students got into groups this week and were given one of the habits such as; be pro-active, think win-win, synergize, sharpen the saw, seek first to understand then to be understood, begin with the end in mind, and put first things first.

Students then had to come up with a skit where a negative situation was occurring.  They had to then have someone show what habit could help them out and WHY!

After some rehearsing, students performed their performances in front of the class.  They did so well and we learned we have some actors in the class (uhhh Preston, yes you!)

Now I just need to get my video uploaded on here to show proof 🙂

Good work pro-active Crew Workers! Now go out there and teach the world our 7 habits!


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Run Forest…Run!!

So excited that Four Peaks has put together a running team!

I hope to see all our students out on the field running, jogging, or walking!

Days will be available depending on your schedule (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursdays) 

Get your running shoes ready and I will see you out there! 🙂

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