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6th grade- English Language Arts (Apache Junction Unified School District Edublogs site)


After Benchmark testing being finished this week, I want you to think of something that went well and maybe didn’t go so well.

Think of a “grow” and a “glow”

You are going to respond to this post and comment on how you feel it went!

Also, I want you to respond by giving any test taking strategies or tips.  Think of something that maybe you do to help you succeed when taking a big test. This could help other students in the future!

When you have responded to this post…..you are to comment on someone else’s.  That’s right, you must respond back to one of your peers! Maybe you are agreeing or giving them some more advice.

Please remember to use appropriate grammar and spell words correctly 🙂



This upcoming school week, we will be officially starting our “CREW” Jobs!  This means, there will be many gold shirts spotted on campus.  Students are eager and ready to get to work and keep our school safe.

This past week, we talked about what it means to be pro-active.  Students discussed what it means to be in charge of yourself.  The classes created word collages that only attributed to positive words.  The word choices students came up with were outstanding!  Their collages were in the shapes of many different objects such as: cactus, snake, sun devil pitch fork, shooting star, and a road runner (meep meep.)

We are implementing our “7 Habits” and ready to show Four Peaks how we foster the F.A.S.T. philosophy and are going to take pride in our jobs!  We are excited and anxious for the new week!

C.R.E.W. workers

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