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Laptop Mania!

This week on our laptops we are going to review as well as watching some neat videos.  Below you may clink on different links to browse in:







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Strategies and Tips!

As we all know the AIMS test is fast approaching.

This week we are going to focus on reviewing all concepts we have learned throughout the school year, but also learning different strategies to help us be successful for the Big T.  We are going to learn several different ways that will help us figure out the answer!  When it comes to reading, we most focus on what is the question really asking us and what is the main idea of the store/passage.  For Math we need to elimanate answers that we know are not accurate.

As the week is progressing, it is now YOUR turn to give us some other tips that may be helpful.  What ideas can you give to your peers to help them do the best that they can do for AIMS next week.  Think of all the discussions we have had throughout the week and the ideas we have brainstomred.  If you other suggestions please type away!

You are going to comment on THIS blog post and give us helpful strategies for taking a test.  🙂

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