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Decimals are all around us!

on January 29, 2013

This week and next week we are starting an exciting new unit in Math!

We are going to learn all about DECIMALS!

Students are going to realize that they are all around us in our everyday life whether it’s money, the Dewey decimal system, or dealing with other business ventures.

When it comes to decimals, place value is very important.  We must remember that to the right of the decimal points comes the tenths place followed by the hundredths, and the thousandths.  Kids have a fun time emphasizing the “thssss” 🙂

We are going to be working with money, making our own restaurant money, cutting out advertisements, and other fun real life experiences having to do with decimals.

Parents, please help your child practice with money and other opportunities where money may come into play!

-Miss Iovino 🙂


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