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Cricket in Times square!

We are starting a great new literature unit in very big way! We are reading all about a tiny cricket in a VERY big city….New York City!  We have just completed chapter 2 and we have been sucked in 🙂


Students I want you to imagine another student from Four Peaks reading our classroom blog.  You are going to act as a journalist!  I want you to write a review about “Cricket in Times Square” thus far.  You are recommending the story, but how are you going to persuade this student reading your post to go to the library and check the book out??

Write a summary about what the book is about so far and pick unique vocabulary to get students to read it as well with us!


P.S. Helpful hint….yes this is an AR book!

Okay my little journalists from 506 magazine, get writing!

-Miss Iovino

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