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Literature Unit Complete.

We finished our story Sarah, Plain & tall!  I believe that our students thoroughly enjoyed this story, as I think that every student feels they could connect with a character.  We had plenty of open discussions brainstorming different character traits and relating to the story.  Students had to really put themselves in the characters shoes and picture living back during the “Oregon Trail Days!”

Now it is time for our classmates to write their own comment.  I would like you to explain what character you feel you connected the most with and why.  Why are you like this character and how you can relate?

Please make sure to use complete sentences and proper conventions.  You are more than welcome to comment on other students posts as well!


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Sarah Plain & Tall

I am pleased to say that we are going to start a wonderful literature unit…


Sarah Plain & Tall!


This book hits close to home because I read this story when I was in 4th grade also!


We are going to learn about the days being an early pioneer, traveling the Oregon Trail, and getting to know this family and their hardships.

We will have great discussions and I am looking forward to my class using our blog to connect and relate!


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