Miss Iovino

6th grade- English Language Arts (Apache Junction Unified School District Edublogs site)


This week we are reading a non-fiction story about Pufflings. We have learned that their life is not all that easy and that they have to work very hard to stay with their families.  Those birds do know how to stay warm though!

-Next week we are going to delve deeper into endangered animals and research different species throughout the world.

-In honoring this topic, we are going to watch a fabulous story brought to us by Disney.


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Parent Teacher Conferences

Looking forward to meeting with all of you during our Parent Teacher Conferences October 18th & 19th.

Parents please do not forget it is early release both Thursday and Friday.

Hope you all enjoyed your Fall Break and hope to see you shortly!

Ready for a fantastic next quarter!!

-Miss Iovino

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