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1st Quarter comes to an end!

Fall Break is fast approaching!  A week off for families to take a brisk walk, take a trip to the pumpkin patch and then carve pumpkins, bob for apples, take a trip to the state fair, pick out Halloween costumes, and other fun fall festivities!  Whatever your plans, make sure to enjoy some r&r 🙂

Grades for the 1st quarter will stop on October 5th.  Next week students will receive parent/teacher conference sign up slips.  Parents will need to choose their top three choices according to the schedule on the page.  I will do my best to accommodate every conferences to the parents top times they choose.

Parent teacher conferences are on Thursday October 18 & 19th. I look forward to visiting parents and families and discussing their students progress throughout the 1st quarter.  This first couple months sure flew by and I am excited to get right back to work after our fall break! We have many great things planned for the quarters ahead~

See you soon!

-Miss Iovino





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It’s a bird, It’s a plane, It’s Amelia Earhart!

This week we are learning about the Great Amelia Earhart! We are reading a story titled, “Amelia and Elanor go for a Ride.”  We are discussing the similarities and differences between these two characters. Also, we are learning about several genres such as; nonfiction, historical fiction, biographies, and auto-biographies. 

Later this week, we are going to tie Social Studies into our readings by re-tracking Amelia’s final journey in the sky.  We are going to map out her route and try to piece together the mysterious puzzle that was never solved.  What exactly happened to Amelia?  Students are going to research, brainstorm, investigate, and gather information to predict and draw conclusions of the courageous pilot. 

Feel free to make comments and give us any information you have on Amelia Earhart!

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Everyone has a Hero, who is yours?

This week in class we are reading about the true story titled, “The story of Lou Gehrig.”  Gehrig was a legendary baseball player in the early-mid 1900s.  Lou Gehrig played for the New York Yankees and was named “Most Valuable Player.”  Lou was also recognized for his fantastic sportsmanship by having his name placed in the famous “Hall of Fame.”  Many of his fans called him their ‘hero’ because of his courageous acts and modest personality.  He became very ill and later discovered he had a disease which affected his nervous system.  Lou Gehrig lost his battle and life at the young age of 37, Lou Gehrig’s legacy will live on forever and the number FOUR uniform will never be worn again by another New York Yankees player.

Now it’s YOUR turn!  We want to know who is your HERO in your life?  It can be someone in your family, a celebrity, an athlete, a friend, etc.  You need to explain why this person is your hero and how they have made an impact on your life. (The person in your life should motivate you to become a better person and inspire you.)

(Play the song, “Hero”)

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