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Wishing my students & their families a happy and safe holiday weekend! 🙂

3 day weekend= LEISURE time!

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Apple from around the world~

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Earn Money…Spend Money!

Students need to learn how to have a valuable work ethic right? Well, let’s put these guys to work! hehe…. The students of room 506 weekly receive different types of jobs. They are hired for the week and if their job is fulfilled efficiently, Friday = PAYDAY! Students can have many different jobs such as; line leader, door holder, teacher assistant, Ipad/netbook manager, lunch tote carrier, librarian, messenger, paper collector, pencil sharpener, etc.  The students decorated their very own debit card at the beginning of the year and use it to balance out their bank account.  When they accumulate so much money they can scan their card in for all kinds of cool things and rewards! Pretty sweet deal right?

Rewards include:  Free homework pass, free seat by a friend, teach with the teacher for a day, take your shoes off, wear a hat, free computer time during pride time, free ipad time during pride time, eat lunch with the teacher, the teacher brings ME lunch- pizza/subway/etc, Misc.- negotiate with the teacher…can you say compromise??

Students are getting familiar with the system and learning how to save money, keep a balance, and deposit/withdraw accordingly.  They will be ready for their first job in no time! Well, let’s at least wait till they turn 16!!

Happy Savings!

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We are pleased to say we have completed our first session of benchmarks! Monday-Math, Tuesday-Reading, Wednesday-Science. The students did a great job and I’m sure their noggins are pretty tired. Excellent job students! Very proud of you and ready to plan our curriculum based on our upcoming data.

It’s almost Friday!  Parents: We will have a spelling/vocab test tomorrow.  This will occur every Friday as our words are right out of our “reading story of the week.”  Students have been practicing their spelling words for homework all week.

-Miss Iovino

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Changes does not necessarily mean a bad thing. In fact change is gooooood! It is perfectly healthy and helps us to grow, mature, and adapt to new things.  We have hired a new 4th grade teacher and we are thrilled! Mrs. Renzulli, Mrs. Griffin, & myself were slightly overwhelmed with a tad few kiddos in our classrooms.  We are fortunate enough to have a new team member to the 4th grade starting (August 22nd)  Mr. Shipley will be our new teacher! Mr. Shipley is going to have a mix of students from all three classrooms.  This is something that the school felt to be more accommodating for your child’s education.  By reducing classroom size, we will be able to manage small groups, more one on one time with student and teacher, and transitioning through subjects much more smoothly throughout the day.  Yes, it will be an adjustment for all of us 4th graders, but we will work together and get into a nice solid routine in no time.

If any parents have any questions or concerns they can e-mail me at jiovino@goaj.org

I will get back to you ASAP.  Thank you for your patience and letting us enrich your child in this wonderful upcoming school year 🙂

-Miss Iovino

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We are getting in the swing of things…

I am pleased to say that we are already well into our second week of school! As a teacher in the 21st century, I feel that a great way to communicate and stay connected with students and families is through the internet. Technology has really taken over in schools today! I have created this blog that I will post throughout the school year to keep you all on the same page. As we go through the year, students will also have the opportunity to post and collaborate with others. Stay tuned for MANY exciting things going on in the beaches of learning in Ms. Iovino’s 4th grade class 🙂

Till later,


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