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Happy Holidays!

I wanted to wish all of my 6th grade students and their families a wonderful Holiday season.  I hope everyone gets rest and celebrates with their loved ones.  Looking forward to coming back from the break recharged and ready for an amazing new semester! Happy new year! imagesmerry

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Turkey Writing! Step by Step Process

Before Thanksgiving break, students had a fun writing contest to participate in on How to cook a Turkey! They had 20 minutes to write as many detailed steps as they could.  The focus wasn’t exactly on the directions on how to cook a turkey, but more about great word choice and variety of transition words. I was quite impressed with how well their writing was and how much they know about cooking turkeys! Students had great details and were precise even down to pre-heating the oven or taking the wrapper off the turkey.  There was a winner from each class:  Roxanne Turner, Jaden Skinner, and Madalynn Servant.  Excellent writing 6th graders :) Gobble-Gobble!

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We love play-genre reading

Students had a blast reading a play out of our Storytown textbook “The Case of the Missing Thanksgiving feast money.”  We also use our lap tops to go on a great reading website to practice our comprehension.  www.readingeggspress.com  Students have their own log in and are able to practice the site at home!


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Building Stamina…counting our minutes!

Between my three classes (6A, 6B, 6C) students are competing during silent reading.  Every day we silent read a book of our choice in class.  Students have the potential to read up to 25 minutes, but as the teacher I can cut time short if students are off task.  At the end of class, we graph the number of minutes we were able to read for that class.  Classes are competing against each other in order to win the Reading Stamina Graphing Contest! We are exactly half way through the contest and it is neck and neck!  Before winter break, we will add up the minutes once more to find out our winning class.  That class can decide together on what type of party they would like to have to celebrate! Students can practice their reading stamina by reading at home each night.  Also keeping up to date with their reading fluency each night helps too!

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Book Commercial!

Students worked really hard on their Book Trailers/ Book Commercials.

They had to read a book and then display their knowledge in a creative way. Some students made videos on animoto, prezi presentations, poster board display, cereal box model, brochures to pass out, and much more clever ideas!

We had two straight days of presentation and students were graded on a rubric that they were given in advance.

Thank you to all the students who were a respectable audience and cheered on their peers for confidently presenting their projects.

Below are some links have some really great videos…



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Logan’s Cereal Box Project



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Book Commercials…

Your child is going to be starting a project this week!  Their first task is to complete reading a chapter book of their choice by September 26th.  Students have independent reading time daily for about 20 minutes.  However, they may need to be reading at home to complete this task on time.

They are going to create a Book commercial/ or Book trailer to show the class.

On Friday, September 26th students will be presenting their projects to the class!

They can make a video, poster board, cereal box display, Prezi/power point, brochures, Google doc app, or many other options we have discussed in class. This is their chance to get creative instead of another dull boring book report we all dread!

I will be giving students some class time throughout the next couple weeks, but students must know they are also responsible for working on this project at home.

If they do not have internet at home they may come into my class during free time to work.

I will be sending home a flier explaining the project as well (and the requirements I am looking for.)

Can’t wait to see what our directors create : )

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We are off!

A week into school and we are off to a TERRIFIC start.

Student’s have all taken their STAR Reading test and will be getting their results later this week.

All students this year have been assigned their own chrome laptop to use in class, so we will be on our blog a lot.

Students will start to have Spelling Homework next week.

We have had an awesome first start to the school year and feeling extremely positive :)


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Kick off to a great new year~!

Hello students and family members of 6th grade!

Thank you to those who came to our “Back to School Fair” on Saturday morning. We had a great turn out!

If you could not make it, students will receive their forms on the first day.  Please send the forms completed and signed if needed as soon as possible.

Students will also receive a yellow agenda that they will be filling out daily in each class.  We will go over with the student how to utilize this tool most efficiently and help them stay organized throughout the school year. Students will have a new agenda per quarter.

This quarter students are trying to keep their pizza slices to earn a pizza party at the end of the quarter! Ask your child what they need to do in order to attend.

This is our classroom blog and we will be updating it often throughout the year. You will see pictures of what is going on in our classroom as well as students own personal comments and ideas posted. We also will be connecting with various classrooms. We are fortunate enough to connect with a school in Australia!

Please do not hesitate to contact me when ever you have questions or concerns. My email is: [email protected] and I can respond back to you within a day :)

Looking forward to an AWESOME school year!

-Ms. Iovino

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“The World According to….”

Next week, your child will be writing a personal narrative about “their world.”  They will put themselves as the main character and tell about a personal experience just like Humphrey!  They will have the chance to put some of their favorite things into their story that they liked from the book.

This is a reminder to make sure your child is reading the book at home and staying on track. They need to finish reading the book by May 12th to get into the big event!

On May 12, students who have completed the story will have the opportunity to participate in arts and crafts, look at the different grade level galleries, and even go inside the gigantic moving hamster ball!

Time is ticking…so make sure you are reading, “The World According to Humphrey.”

Ms. Iovino had the chance to crawl into the GIANT ball and loved it!

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One Book One School…

As some of you may know our school started our kick off to One Book One School last Friday.

The book is titled, “The World According to Humphrey’s”

It’s a Family Read Aloud where students can get engaged with a book at home!

Our 6th graders have detective work to do while reading. They are to find evidence from the text to support the “Tips” that are given at the end of every chapter.

Students not only each got their very own copy of the book, but also got some great tools to use while reading. If students complete the book in time and fill out their “paw print” chart, they can come out and participate on our big event outside! Some students may get the opportunity to crawl into a GIANT hamster ball!

Detectives start reading and finding your clues…

Check out this great video to see more made my Mrs. Moore and her 3rd graders!



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