Facts about Cows!!! by Nic

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Facts about Cows!!!



The lifespan of a cow is normally around 15 years.

The oldest cow known to date lived to be 48 years old!

The first cow arrived in America in 1611.

Before milking machines were invented, it took a farmer one hour to milk six cows. Now, the machines can milk 100 cows per hour! Dairy provides ninety percent of the worlds milk supply. Some of the best cows can give up tp to twenty-five gallons of milk per day. A cow can drink up to a bathtub full of water and eat about 40 pounds of food each day! The Holstein cow is the most popular breed.

Cows can detect odors up to five miles away.

Sharks By: Lynnette

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Facts about sharks !

Sharks have multiples of teeth and when they lose their teeth new teeth comes and it  goes.Sharks can blend in by the color of their skin and it is called camouflage. Sharks have a sense of smell that can sense blood from miles away.A sharks diet includes fish,crustaceans,mollusks,  plankton,krill,marine animals,and other   sharks.There are more than 1,000 sharks.  Some species of sharks can live in freshwater and saltwater.Depending on the shark they can lay up to about 100 pups or eggs.After they are born the they swim away to find their first prey! Do you like sharks ? Are you scared of them ? Have you ever seen one ?This lynnette signing out !

Bald Eagles by Elisa

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Bald Eagles

Facts about Bald Eagles

By: Elisa Pacheco

The Bald Eagle has, a snowy featherhead(not bald) and a white tail, yellow beak, legs, and feet. This bird can live for 28 years!!! Did you know that the Bald Eagle is the largest Eagle ??? These birds are close to extinction. The Bald Eagle’s diet is a carnivore. Bald Eagles mostly eat fish, died OR alive, small birds, big birds, small fish, and big fish. Female Bald Eagles is about 7 feet tall and Male Bald Eagles are 6 feet. These birds live near the water. The bald eagles eye can see 6 times better than us. Wow, that is SSSSOOOO AMAZING!!!!! I wish I can be an Bald Eagle. Bald Eagles are very are in Maine.Did you Know that Immature bald eagles don’t develop their distinctive white head and tail until are between 4 and 5 years old.

The bald eagle is not picky about how it gets its food. It will eat carrion, steal fish from other birds or hunt for its own. Their most important non-carrion food is fish, which they catch by swooping down and grabbing fish that are near the surface of the lake or stream.

Mating season: Anywhere from late September to early April, depending on the region. Gestation: The female lays her first egg 5-10 days after mating. The eggs are incubated for about 35 days. Clutch size: 1-3 eggs.During breeding season, the male and female work together to build a nest of sticks, usually located at the top of a tree. The nests can weigh up to a ton and measure up to 8 feet across. Once paired, bald eagles remain with each other until one mate dies, then the surviving bird will find another mate.Bald eagles make a high-pitched squeaking sound. Other interesting behaviors include “talon clasping” or “cartwheel display”, where two eagles clasp each other’s talons in mid air and spin down, letting go only when they’ve almost reached the ground. This is may be a courtship ritual as well as a territorial battle. Body Temperature – About 106 degrees Fahrenheit (41 degrees Celsius)Eagles do not sweat, so they need to use other cooling methods such as perching in the shade, panting, and holding their wings away from their body.

Pegasi by Tirzah

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  Dear, blog viewers

My blog post is about pegasi that mean that they are ponies that fly. The first pegasi is Rainbow Dash heres a picOut of all pegasi Rainbow Dash is the fastest pegasi in equestria she lives in cloudsdale a city in the sky, but she mostly is on earth with her friends.

the next pegasi is Fluttershy heres a pic of her   Fluttershy is a very shy pegasi and she is a poor flyer unlike Rainbowdash Flutter shy lives in ponyville. She likes wait I mean LOVES ANIMALS! she and Rainbowdash used to both live in cloudsdale, but one day Fluttershy fell out of cloudsdale and she loved the animals there so she moved to ponyville.

The next pegasi is Derpy heres a picture of her Derpy is best pony she is also you can tell Derpy. Derpy hooves is given her name by her derpy eyes.hasbro and DHX had to change her voice and how crooked her eyes where cause the fans took her for a derp.

this is Blossomforth she is a pegasi that is a pretty good flyer but she likes

to  have bursts of color.   whats your favorite pegasi?

                                                 if you have a favorite please tell me

Robin through the Years by: Andrew and Justin

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Richard Grayson By:Andrew & Justin

He first appeared in detective comic 38# in april 1940.The youngest in the acrobat family known as the flying graysons,Dick watched a mafia boss shot down his parents in order to extort all the money through the circus that employs him.Bruce wayne/batman takes him in as legal ward,retconned in some cases as his son,and eventually became his crime fighting partner ROBIN  .He is written out by many authors as the first son of batman as well as his prodigal son.Many including omac,that he is one that batman cares about the most.Throughout dick’s adolescence,batman and robin are inseparable.However,as dick grows older and spends more time as the leader of the teen titans he retires as robin and takes on his own  superhero identity nightwing to assert his independence (others would fill in as robin).His nightwing persona was created by writer marv wolfman  and artist George Perez and first appeared in tales of the teen titans 44# July 1984.As nightwing,dick Leeds the teen titans and later the outsiders.Following the events of the zero miniserise,he temporarliy replaces bruce wayne as batman,beggining in robin 0# october 1944 and extending through the batman:prodigal storyline.In a eponymous serise,launched in 1996 and continueing throgh 2009 he becomes the protector of Bluehaven ,Gotham’s economically troubled neighorboring city.Following the destruction of bluehaven at the hand of deathstroke also known as slade nightwing reloakates to new york.

Jason Todd By:Justin & Andrew

Jason Peter Todd is a fictional character   that first appeared in Batman #357.  he became the second Robin when the previous Robin (Dick Grayson) went to be the leader of the fighting team of marvelous superheroes, The New Teen Titans.  After a short period of time he got murdered by the Joker with a crowbar in a warehouse that was blown up,  Joker is the arch-nemesis of the Dark Knight.  He then got resurrected and became the second Red Hood the joker was the first before he was joker,  he was an anti-hero that resembled Batman in many, many ways.

Timothy Drake By:Justin & Andrew

Also known as Tim Wayne  he first appeared in Batman #436 in a flashback of one of the crowd members when Dick’s parents died.   The son of  Jack and Janet Drake they asked to take a picture with the Flying Graysons which caused a momentary bond between him and Dick Grayson.  Tim deduced the identity of batman and Robin(Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson) when he saw Robin do a Gymnastic move Dick did in the Flying Graysons.  Tim was the third Robin that fought side by side of Batman.  While Tim Drake was technically not “the” Robin since he was called, “The Red Robin”.   He also noticed that Batman had grown violent and reckless since the death of jason Todd when he got murdered by the Joker.  Tim decided to intervene with  Bruce”Batman” Wayne and finally got enlisted as the third Robin to fight side by side of the fearless, Dark Knight.

              Damian Wayne by: Justin & Andrew

Damian Wayne is the son of Batman and Tala Al Gual, this also makes him the grandson of Batman’s villain in Batman begins, Ra’s Al Gual. Damian Wayne is a fictional character in the DC Comics Universe. The character originally appeared as an unnamed infant in the 1987 story Batman: Son of the Demon.  he became “The Robin, when he was at ten years of age!  Since he grew up with his mother learning how to assasinate in the League of Assassins.  Obviously this was not okay with Batman because he has the rule of no killing.  Damian Wayne was the final Robin, well at least for now!

Cactus Wren by Elisa

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The Cactus Wren has a white eye stripe just behind each eye extending just before the upper back. It’s throat and breast are heavily spotted dark brown and black, and it’s wings and tail are barred with black, white, and brown feathers. The Cactus Wren is the Symbol of Arizona. Nice, right?   😀

Where do Cactus Wrens live???

The Cactus Wren mostly lives in Arizona. That is there Natural Habitat. These birds also live in places like, New Mexico.They prefer hot climate.Cactus Wrens build nests that are the size and shape of a football with an opening at one end. They will construct this nest out of grasses and other annual plants, but can also include scraps of cloth and other woven fibers that they find. They will build this nest (and many others) usually in cholla, but also in palo verde, acacias, saguaros, or the hanging pot in your backyard.

How  long do Cactus Wrens live?

            In the wild, Cactus wrens for 7-10 years old.

          Their Predators!!!!

Coachwhips and other small animals can go in the cacti and take the Cactus Wrens adults eggs. The adults can be food to coyotes, hawks, fox, bobcats, and domestic cats too.

Extra Fun-facts

The cactus wren is the state bird of Arizona.

The male wren is kept very busy during breeding season. Not only is he busy building a second or third nest, but he also cares for the young in the first nest while the female is incubating the next clutch of eggs.

Pictures of Cactus Wrens!!!!!!!!!!!!


My Dog by Isaiah

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        My dog

I have pet dog. Her name is Lady Bird. Lady Bird stands for Lady Bug. Here are some facts about Lady Bird. She is four years old.(That’s 28 years in dog years.) She is a family dog. My family calls her Lady cause Lady stands for lady bird. Lady bird is a girl. She is brown. Lady has a white spot on her forehead, stomach, feet, and & the tip of her tale. Her breed is a chiweenie. (a chiwawa + a wiener  dog.) Here is how I met her. One random day in 2008 I was at school. When I got home a little puppy jumped on me. My mom said the dogs name is Tinkerbell. A couple months my mom changed Tinkerbell’s name to Lady Bird. So thats how I got Lady Bird. That’s all thank you for reading.

Down Syndrome by Adison

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Down syndrome  Facts     1.You can tell if they have down syndrome by genetic test if he or  she has Down syndrome. 2.And October is down syndrome awareness.3.Down syndrome is named after John Langdon down, the british physician who described the syndrome in 1866.4. the condition was clinically described earlier by Jean Etienne Dominique Esquirol in 1838 and Edouard Seguin in 1844. 5.down syndrome was identified as a chromosome 21 trisomy by DR.Jerome Lejeune in 1959. 6. Down syndrome can be identified in a newborn by direct observation or in a features by prenatal screening.


This is beast on my brother Devin because he has Down syndrome. It is hard to take care  of some one that has a disability because they don’t learn  as fast as us it takes them awhile to get the hang of it. my brother  stays active, like he plays football , baseball , soccer. He mostly likes to play football  because my family is are football fans. One time we got to go to a real Arizona cardinals football game because the down syndrome group gave us the tickets for free.  That was the best time me and my brother ever had at a real football game.

Eagles by Rheanna

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Facts About Eagles

By Rheanna Allison

Only fifty percent of bald eagles fledgling will survive their first year.Only two species of eagles are known to breed on the north american continent. One, of course is the bald eagle. Immature bald eagles are often mistaken for the other north american native, the golden eagle. The golden eagle has a distinctive crown of feathers on the head and neck from which it derives its descriptive name. The golden eagle also has feathers all the way to its toes,unlike the bald eagle, which has featherless feet.

Golden eagles also prefer rugged uplands to the watery habitat of the bald eagle. The bald eagle,scientifically known as Haliaeetus Leucocephalus meaning white headed sea eagle, is not true to its name it our modem language.A bald eagle is,of course,not bald. This eagle was named at a time when “bald” was a common description of white markings on the face or head of an animal.The eagle belongs to the order Falconiformes,a grouping of birds that includes about 275 species worldwide. This order includes those birds considered carnivores by virtue of their unique design,which enables them to hunt and eat meat. The eagles razor-sharp talons,hooked beak,and keen eyesight all aid these remarkable birds in the hunt.

Rabbits by Rheanna

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Facts about Rabbits

By Rheanna

In the wild some female rabbits produce about eight litters of bunnies per year. When baby rabbits are young people call them kits or kittens.The largest litter of bunnies reported consisted of 24 kits. Rabbits are natural runners and can reach speeds of up to 30 to 40 mph. Domesticated rabbits that people raise do not open their eyes until they reach about two weeks of age. Baby domestic rabbits are actually born fur-less,and they have 28 teeth.

The worlds oldest rabbit on record lived to be 16 years old. The average lifespan of a domesticated rabbit is around 5 to 8 years. Pet rabbits generally live longer than rabbits used for production and those living in the wild. With the right guidance rabbits can be trained to live indoors perfectly. You can also train a rabbit to use a cat litter box.In the UK the rabbit is the third most poular pet option.

The average heart rate of a rabbit ranges between 130-325 beats per minute. It is estimated that over 2 million U.S households own a pet rabbit. Thousands of rabbit shows take place annually in the Continental United States alone,each year. Male rabbits are referred to as “bucks” and female rabbits are referred to as “does”. Believe it or not,a rabbits teeth never stop growing throughout its life. Rabbbits can jump up to 36 inches or higher. In general rabbits are very clean animals that will groom themselves and even each other.

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