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Rabbits by Rheanna

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Facts about Rabbits By Rheanna In the wild some female rabbits produce about eight litters of bunnies per year. When baby rabbits are young people call them kits or kittens.The largest litter of bunnies reported consisted of 24 kits. Rabbits are natural runners and can reach speeds of up to 30 to 40 mph. Domesticated […]

Pets by Dianne

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I have four pets.  My pets are one bird, one guinea pigs, and two dogs. First, I will tell you about my bird, He is a cockatiel.  He is yellow, red, black, and orange.  He was my dads bird.  He is funny he will drink out of a stair.  I got him for my  birthday […]

Vacation by Rheanna

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Vacation-Springfield,Illinois By Rheanna Allison When I was eight years old in the summer,my dad took me and my family on a vacation.First we had went to Oklahoma,than Illinois,next West Virginia,and last was North Carolina.But the only state I am going to talk about is Illinois.My dad took me to his hometown Springfield,Illinois,where Abraham Lincoln’s hometown […]

Dragonvale by Tirzah

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Dragonvale Dear blog, viewers If you go to a island that floats a very long way away…. its more than likley to be DRAGONVALE! What is Dragonvale? It is a place where you raise dragons. I am going to tell you about the first dragon Frostfire. When you hatch Frostfire you have to give it […]

Mythological Creatures by Eva

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Many have believed that animals like the griffin existed or exist  all though we have not seen them some of us still believe in them.many of them are used today to be entertaining like zombies dragons trolls unicorns pegasi etc.But one thing i know for sure is what most of these are based of of […]

Gambel Quail by Nic

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Gambel quail facts!!! There eggs are white with brown spots. The Gambel Quail is a ground dwelling bird that lives in southwestern area of the United States, but mainly found in Arizona. Sizes: About 11 inches long from head to tail. Location:  Usually around Southwestern United States area. Identification: Male: Mostly gray, with a black […]

Dance by Addison

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DancinG Hi I am Addison.I wanted to do a blog on DANCING because I use to dance I was in Angula Flip Zone I had learned a lot of  dance moves .I loved to dance and win lots of trophies  and medals I like to dance to hip hop because it gets  me going and […]

Tigers by Rheanna

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Facts about Tigers By Rheanna Allison The tiger is the biggest species of the cat family. Tigers can reach up to 3.3 metres (11 feet) and weigh as much to (660 pounds). Many subspecies of the tiger are either endangered or already extinct. Humans are the primary cause of this through hunting and destruction of […]

If I Could… by Cassidy

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If I Could If I could change anything  about this world I would make everything free! 🙂 So you could get the food you want and the dream house you always were looking for and get your own phone, computer, mp3 player, IPod, IPad, Or you can get the clothes you want! Without having to […]

Good Books by Justin

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Good Book(s) To Read If you do not have a good book to read, then you can come to me!  There are many great books and series, you just have to know where to look.  In most cases if an author writes a great book, then he/she will write more great books.  If you’re in […]

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