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My Huskey by Tirzah

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My Husky   Hi my name is Tirzah and I will be talking about my husky, Buster.  Buster is black and white, he has blue eyes, and is very fluffy. Also, the type he is, is a Siberian Husky thats where his blue eyes come from heres some pictures My Husky loves people, loves attention,and […]

The Book Thief by: Lynnette Karch

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The book thief   Hi guys today I’m going to tell you about The Book Thief .The book thief is a really good book you should read if you can read big words I warn you though you should ask parents permission because it’s a adult book but anyways lets start talking about the book.Liesel […]

Kevin James Home Is Where Family Is by: Kaitlyn

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Kevin James Home Is Where Family Is   Hi my name is Kaitlyn I am starting a program for hospitalised children who have to stay in the hospital through the special holidays like Christmas.The reason why I am doing this is when my brother was in the hospital I got to thinking about the children […]

Sharks By: Lynnette

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Facts about sharks ! Sharks have multiples of teeth and when they lose their teeth new teeth comes and it  goes.Sharks can blend in by the color of their skin and it is called camouflage. Sharks have a sense of smell that can sense blood from miles away.A sharks diet includes fish,crustaceans,mollusks,  plankton,krill,marine animals,and other   […]

Bald Eagles by Elisa

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Bald Eagles Facts about Bald Eagles By: Elisa Pacheco The Bald Eagle has, a snowy featherhead(not bald) and a white tail, yellow beak, legs, and feet. This bird can live for 28 years!!! Did you know that the Bald Eagle is the largest Eagle ??? These birds are close to extinction. The Bald Eagle’s diet […]

Pegasi by Tirzah

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  Dear, blog viewers My blog post is about pegasi that mean that they are ponies that fly. The first pegasi is Rainbow Dash heres a picOut of all pegasi Rainbow Dash is the fastest pegasi in equestria she lives in cloudsdale a city in the sky, but she mostly is on earth with her […]

Robin through the Years by: Andrew and Justin

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Richard Grayson By:Andrew & Justin He first appeared in detective comic 38# in april 1940.The youngest in the acrobat family known as the flying graysons,Dick watched a mafia boss shot down his parents in order to extort all the money through the circus that employs him.Bruce wayne/batman takes him in as legal ward,retconned in some […]

Cactus Wren by Elisa

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The Cactus Wren has a white eye stripe just behind each eye extending just before the upper back. It’s throat and breast are heavily spotted dark brown and black, and it’s wings and tail are barred with black, white, and brown feathers. The Cactus Wren is the Symbol of Arizona. Nice, right?   😀 Where do […]

Down Syndrome by Adison

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Down syndrome  Facts     1.You can tell if they have down syndrome by genetic test if he or  she has Down syndrome. 2.And October is down syndrome awareness.3.Down syndrome is named after John Langdon down, the british physician who described the syndrome in 1866.4. the condition was clinically described earlier by Jean Etienne Dominique Esquirol in […]

Eagles by Rheanna

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Facts About Eagles By Rheanna Allison Only fifty percent of bald eagles fledgling will survive their first year.Only two species of eagles are known to breed on the north american continent. One, of course is the bald eagle. Immature bald eagles are often mistaken for the other north american native, the golden eagle. The golden […]

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