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Tower Garden by: Claire and Xander

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Tower Garden          So what is a tower garden?  Well a tower garden is an aeroponic garden that does not use soil and uses 90% less water than plants growing in soil.  An aeroponic garden is a garden that grows plants in the air, or in a misty environment. (The plants in […]

The One and Only By:Justin and Cody

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The One and Only By:Justin and Cody    You may not believe this but we are the only Monarch Way Station in the East valley!  The thing that we are the most surprised about is that they actually visit us, but it’s not just Monarchs that visit us.  Many other different butterfly species come that are […]

Africa by Lynnette

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Hi my name is Lynnette and I will be telling you facts about Africa ! How big is Africa ? The continent of Africa is nearly 12 million square miles. How big is it you wonder ? It’s big ! Africa can hold the land occupied by China,India,Europe,Argentina,New Zealand, and continental United states, with room […]

Lego Leg by Cody

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Hello blog readers! A few weeks ago, I read a newspaper article. It was about a woman’s leg. She was working on her car with her brother. The car was on a jack, of course. The car slipped off of the jack and landed on the woman’s leg. Her brother saw the accident and rushed […]

Bird Bash by: Justin, Cody, Lilly, and Claire

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  Project feederwatch started at our school last year. This year was Mrs. Goucher’s and Mrs. fraher’s 2nd year of doing Project feederwatch. Project Feederwatch is a project with Cornell University. Both of our classes watch birds and keep track of which birds we see. Throughout the whole project we would hang up different bird […]


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Nicky and Andrew did some research on the Olympics to start the 2012 school year. They recorded their findings on educreations. Check it out!!! Xander and Lilly also created a Show Me about the Olympics. What is your favorite Olympic sport?

Should you video conference in the classroom?

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In February, 2012 our class did a video conference with an Art Center, in Georgia.  One good reason why you should video conference, is because you get to meet special people around the world and learn about there culture, which gives the class different ideas for projects.  For example, our class learned about Native Americans, […]

Mrs. Goucher’s Class Goes Fishing!!!

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  The Fishing Trip                                                                                        By:Sarah,Hannah,Melissa, Jack, and Heath Our  class went on a  field trip to the Game and Fish.   We went fishing and some people caught fish.  The people who caught the fish are Sarah, Hannah, Jack, and Heath.  They all caught rainbow trout.  It took us a long time to catch […]

Arizona Natural Resources, Challenge 6

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This post is written by the students of Mrs. Goucher’s class for Student Blogging Challenge #6 about global issues. The global issue that we are most affected by is about natural resources. In Arizona we have 5 main resources that the state is known for called the 5 C’s.  They are cotton, cattle, citrus, climate, […]

Pueblo in the Southwest

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by Kimberly and Will Our Edublogs Student Challenge #4 is to share what we want to learn more about and why. We chose to learn more about the Pueblo culture because we might learn about our own culture, and who inhabited our country before we became the United States. The Pueblo lived in the “four […]

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