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Hi my name is Addison. I decided to do a topic on my favorite sport. It has something to do with a ball and a foot and it is call SOCCER!!! Soccer is my favorite sport. I love to play soccer because I like to be that person who scores a goal and feels good […]

Ambassador of the Week by Dianne

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Every week we have an Ambassador of the Week.We have a little frame where our ambassador can put whatever he/she wants. Every week we have to write the ambassador a letter, story or a poem about how great he/she is. At the end of the week Mrs.Goucher will take his/her picture and put it around […]

I “Mustache” you a Question…

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Hello viewers of our blog! To start the year off we asked students in our classroom a question that would help us get to know each other better. We wanted the questions to be unique and interesting so we voted on the most unique questions and answers. This video also helped us work on our […]

Bird Bash by: Justin, Cody, Lilly, and Claire

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  Project feederwatch started at our school last year. This year was Mrs. Goucher’s and Mrs. fraher’s 2nd year of doing Project feederwatch. Project Feederwatch is a project with Cornell University. Both of our classes watch birds and keep track of which birds we see. Throughout the whole project we would hang up different bird […]

Students win Earth Day Glogster Contest!

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Mrs. Goucher and Mrs. Martinez’s classrooms collaborated on a project to create a glogster that explained an essential question based on water quality in our school.  Students worked together to test our school’s drinking water for hardness, chlorine, ph, copper, and nitrates to determine if our water quality up to par. To view Melissa and […]

Bird Sketches

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  As part of our Project FeederWatch we learned how to sketch the different species of birds we see in our windows.  I was amazed at how good our students are at sketching.  They have shared their work on voice thread for you to check out. Click on the link below to see our sketches. […]

Project FeederWatch

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Look out the window, is it Superman? No! Is it a sasquatch? No!  It’s birds from the Sonoran Desert!  Mrs. Fraher and I have a dream for our students.  We are always looking for ways to integrate technology into our classrooms and we found a grant that would help us accomplish our goals.  The grant […]

Ecology Explorers- Gardening in the Schoolyard Habitat

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In our school, we do something called ”Ecology Explorers.” In this club, several kids get together before school. My teacher, Mrs. Goucher started this club. Diane, a Gold Canyon Master Gardener comes and helps out. After the beginning of the school year, the first thing we did was get soil and manure, and mixed them […]

Couponing for our Community

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by student bloggers Nicolas and Soledad, and photographer Rudy, written for Edublogs Student Challenge #6: Global Issues  How do coupons benefit the consumer? How much money can you save on one shopping trip? These are the questions we are asked to explore in our coupon project. Our coupon project can help Project Help by getting household items […]

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