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Swindle by:Olivia, Brooke, Kayla, Alex, and Breanna

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A few girls in Mrs. Goucher’s fifth grade class read the book, Swindle, by Gordan Korman. They wanted to re-create the book by making a short movie. It is broken into two parts. Enjoy!

Division Tutorial by Jordan, Alexis, and Tobyn

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Jordan, Alexis, and Tobyn are all-stars in math class.  They love to solve division problems and have a short tutorial for you that shows two different strategies you can use when you divide.  If you are having trouble or just want to review, this is the video for you. :0)

Multiplying Multi-digit whole numbers using Lattice by Alannah

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Do you find that you get lost in the steps when solving multiplication problems with more than one digit?  Have you tried the lattice method?  Well, here to show you how to use the model step by step is Alannah working with Olivia as video technician.  

Tower Garden by: Claire and Xander

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Tower Garden          So what is a tower garden?  Well a tower garden is an aeroponic garden that does not use soil and uses 90% less water than plants growing in soil.  An aeroponic garden is a garden that grows plants in the air, or in a misty environment. (The plants in […]

Snowy Owls by: Elisa

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Snowy Owl’s!!! These large owls breed on the Arctic tundra, where females lay a clutch of 3 to 11 eggs. Clutch size depends upon the availability of food, and in particularly lean times a usually monogamous pair of owls may not breed at all. Parents are territorial and will defend their nests against all comers-even […]


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G.A.S ____________ INTERVIEW Andrew: What inspired you to have band? GAS: We were at lunch and we were talking about how we all play instruments. So we thought it was cool and we had the idea to start a little band. The Principal heard us  and thought that it was a great idea. So now […]

The One and Only By:Justin and Cody

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The One and Only By:Justin and Cody    You may not believe this but we are the only Monarch Way Station in the East valley!  The thing that we are the most surprised about is that they actually visit us, but it’s not just Monarchs that visit us.  Many other different butterfly species come that are […]

My Dog by Isaiah

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        My dog I have pet dog. Her name is Lady Bird. Lady Bird stands for Lady Bug. Here are some facts about Lady Bird. She is four years old.(That’s 28 years in dog years.) She is a family dog. My family calls her Lady cause Lady stands for lady bird. Lady bird is a girl. […]

My Lego creations

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My Lego creations                                                         – By Nic 1. A Lego safe: I made two Lego safes, one of them you need a key, all you do is stick the key in a hole and the door pops open. The second one is a combination lock, you simply roll the pad and the you pull a handle […]

Lego Leg by Cody

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Hello blog readers! A few weeks ago, I read a newspaper article. It was about a woman’s leg. She was working on her car with her brother. The car was on a jack, of course. The car slipped off of the jack and landed on the woman’s leg. Her brother saw the accident and rushed […]

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