The Book Thief by: Lynnette Karch

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The book thief


Hi guys today I’m going to tell you about The Book Thief .The book thief is a really good book you should read if you can read big words I warn you though you should ask parents permission because it’s a adult book but anyways lets start talking about the book.Liesel is the main character and she has to go to a foster home because her mother was poor.She was on her way to meet her foster parents and her brother died and the other main character is a secret and you will have to find out yourself. Anyways they have buried the liesel’s brother a man was with them and he dropped a book. Liesel saw that he had dropped the book and picked it up liesel didn’t shout to him and say, Hey you dropped a book .Instead Liesel held it to her chest. Well that was my quick summary for The Book thief  hope you enjoyed ! Have you ever read the book thief? What are your words for the book thief if you have read it ?

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