My Huskey by Tirzah

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My Husky


Hi my name is Tirzah and I will be talking about my husky, Buster.  Buster is black and white, he has blue eyes, and is very fluffy. Also, the type he is, is a Siberian Husky thats where his blue eyes come from heres some pictures My Husky loves people, loves attention,and loves to play. here are some facts about them: Siberian huskies are playful and loving dogs. Siberian huskies are one one of the most gentle dogs you will ever find.


do you have a dog? have you ever seen a husky?

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  1. Julia Goucher says:

    Dear Tirzah,

    I like how your talking about your dog that’s a husky. I probley never told you this but I have a husky mixed with a german shepard,and his name is Godric. My friend who is my next door neighbor has a husky mixed with a other type of breed,but her name is Bailey. Now Bailey is the sister of my dog Godric. Now I really like how your talking about this because if you have a husky then you can see pretty good things with it.


  2. Julia goucher says:

    Dear Tirzah,
    Your post was was great. Husky’s are vary gentle. Over the weekend I saw a Husky. It was so cute. I have a dog too,it is not a Husky. It is a cheewenie(weenie dog+Chewawa).


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