Tower Garden by: Claire and Xander

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Tower Garden

         So what is a tower garden?  Well a tower garden is an aeroponic garden that does not use soil and uses 90% less water than plants growing in soil.  An aeroponic garden is a garden that grows plants in the air, or in a misty environment. (The plants in a tower garden do not actually float in the air. The plant’s roots sit in a tube (tower garden) and soak up water from the bottom.)

        The reason we have a tower garden is easy to explain. The fifth grade team here at P.T.E.S. decided to start using a tower garden so the fifth grade could give all the produce to the salad bar.  Right now in the tower garden we are growing lettuce (of course) snap peas, bok choy, broccoli, red peppers, artichoke, and more.The plants that we are growing right now are at least 2 maybe 1 and a half inches tall but they are still growing pretty fast.  (not too fast but fast) Now here is a smile box to show you how the tower garden has been doing:


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2 Responses to “Tower Garden by: Claire and Xander”

  1. Julia Goucher says:

    Dear Claire and Xander,
    Your blog is so cool.I like how you put in how the tower garden doesn’t use soil,but instead of soil it uses air and water.I hope you guys do another blog about how many tower gardens we
    have now…!!!!!


  2. Julia Goucher says:

    Dear Claire and Xander,
    I like how you showed all of the progress pretty much from the beginning! It is definitely amazing how it uses ninety percent less water than a regular garden. Anyways, what was your favorite vegetable that grew on it/ Mine would be the snap peas!

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