Kevin James Home Is Where Family Is by: Kaitlyn

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Kevin James Home Is Where Family Is


Hi my name is Kaitlyn I am starting a program for hospitalised children who have to stay in the hospital through the special holidays like Christmas.The reason why I am doing this is when my brother was in the hospital I got to thinking about the children in the hospital and I said to myself hopefully they don’t have to stay here through special holidays.Thats where I got my start.I am selling teddy bears so if you buy one you  give one because I would bring a teddy bear to my brother in the hospital.

By Kaitlyn

2 Responses to “Kevin James Home Is Where Family Is by: Kaitlyn”

  1. julia goucher says:

    Dear Kaitlyn,
    I love what you are doing for the children. I think the world is going to be a better place now.

    from Jacob

  2. clairebobcat says:

    Dear Katie,
    It is very sad that your brother was in the hospital. It is also a great thing you are doing for the hospitalized kids. How many teddy bears have you sold?

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