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Andrew: What inspired you to have band?

GAS: We were at lunch and we were talking about how we all play instruments. So we thought it was cool and we had the idea to start a little band. The Principal heard us  and thought that it was a great idea. So now we are G.A.S.    Cody: How were you guys able to play at Camp Invention?

GAS: Well, Principle Wallace came to us and asked us if we can make camp have a great ending so that is how we were able to play there.

Nic: How did you come up with the name G.A.S?

GAS: Well we didn’t come up with it….more like the teachers.We were trying to come up with some name and a group of teachers came and said you should be guys at SMES G-A-S.Thats a cool name.


Andrew: Do you have BAD gas?

GAS: Yes, we all do..

These guy’s really put the pedal to the metal

when it came to music these gassy guys are all teachers keep in mind.The band was awesome the band is called Gas! It stands for Guys At Smes! They had there cool sunglasses and a drummist, 2 guitarists, and a singer. I think they need to sing a little louder because  they didn’t sing so loud I’m not saying there bad or  anything I just think they would work that improvement.  People in the crowd were going crazy and wild and the teachers were cheering us on. We thank GAS for coming to our school and we were lucky to have them come and play .


                     O-O     I SEE YOU LATER.


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  1. julia goucher says:

    Dear Andrew,Cody,and Nick,
    I liked your blog post on G.A.S. especially because I was absent.so it’s nice to have someone to fill me in!

  2. julia goucher says:

    WOW nice interveiw guys.Andrew bit was funny when you asked them if they had bad GAS.did you guys have fun interveiwing them or was it kind of weird.

    Cam H.

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