Facts about Cows!!! by Nic

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Facts about Cows!!!



The lifespan of a cow is normally around 15 years.

The oldest cow known to date lived to be 48 years old!

The first cow arrived in America in 1611.

Before milking machines were invented, it took a farmer one hour to milk six cows. Now, the machines can milk 100 cows per hour! Dairy provides ninety percent of the worlds milk supply. Some of the best cows can give up tp to twenty-five gallons of milk per day. A cow can drink up to a bathtub full of water and eat about 40 pounds of food each day! The Holstein cow is the most popular breed.

Cows can detect odors up to five miles away.

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  1. Julia Goucher says:

    Lots of this stuff I didn’t know about cows. I couldn’t imagine a 48 year old cow!!! I also couldn’t imagine spending an hour to milk 6 cows. I’m so glad that they have machines now. 🙂

  2. julia goucher says:

    Dear Nic,
    That paragraph was very interesting.Did you know that a female cow is called a heifer.And a male is a bull.

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