Pegasi by Tirzah

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  Dear, blog viewers

My blog post is about pegasi that mean that they are ponies that fly. The first pegasi is Rainbow Dash heres a picOut of all pegasi Rainbow Dash is the fastest pegasi in equestria she lives in cloudsdale a city in the sky, but she mostly is on earth with her friends.

the next pegasi is Fluttershy heres a pic of her   Fluttershy is a very shy pegasi and she is a poor flyer unlike Rainbowdash Flutter shy lives in ponyville. She likes wait I mean LOVES ANIMALS! she and Rainbowdash used to both live in cloudsdale, but one day Fluttershy fell out of cloudsdale and she loved the animals there so she moved to ponyville.

The next pegasi is Derpy heres a picture of her Derpy is best pony she is also you can tell Derpy. Derpy hooves is given her name by her derpy eyes.hasbro and DHX had to change her voice and how crooked her eyes where cause the fans took her for a derp.

this is Blossomforth she is a pegasi that is a pretty good flyer but she likes

to  have bursts of color.   whats your favorite pegasi?

                                                 if you have a favorite please tell me

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  1. julia goucher says:

    Dear Tirzah,

    My favorite pegasi Is…………….RAINBOW DASH:):):):):):):):):):):):):):). RAINBOW DASH is so awesome. I wish RAINBOW DASH to be my pet. That would be so EPICLY AMAZINGLY AWESOME.


  2. Julia Goucher says:

    Dear Tirzah,
    I like your blog post.I learned more about pegasi.I think Rainbow Dash is my favorite, because she is so pretty and she is very friendly.

  3. jgoucher says:

    Dear Tirzah,
    My favorite pegasi is the derpy squid one, because it looks like a hobo. She probably likes paper bags especially the one on her head and on her feet. She probably lives in a paper bag to or on the street.


  4. Julia Goucher says:

    Dear Tirzah,
    I love this blog post about all of the pegasi. My favorite is Derpy. She is so cute. But I have a question. Why does she have a bag on her head? Anyways, I think that you did a really great job on this blog post. But just remember to punctuate.
    Claire 🙂

  5. Julia Goucher says:

    Dear Tirhza,
    Sorry if I misspelled your name my favorite ponie is Derpy. Where do you get this information? I liked your blog post.
    Form Kaite

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