Cactus Wren by Elisa

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The Cactus Wren has a white eye stripe just behind each eye extending just before the upper back. It’s throat and breast are heavily spotted dark brown and black, and it’s wings and tail are barred with black, white, and brown feathers. The Cactus Wren is the Symbol of Arizona. Nice, right?   😀

Where do Cactus Wrens live???

The Cactus Wren mostly lives in Arizona. That is there Natural Habitat. These birds also live in places like, New Mexico.They prefer hot climate.Cactus Wrens build nests that are the size and shape of a football with an opening at one end. They will construct this nest out of grasses and other annual plants, but can also include scraps of cloth and other woven fibers that they find. They will build this nest (and many others) usually in cholla, but also in palo verde, acacias, saguaros, or the hanging pot in your backyard.

How  long do Cactus Wrens live?

            In the wild, Cactus wrens for 7-10 years old.

          Their Predators!!!!

Coachwhips and other small animals can go in the cacti and take the Cactus Wrens adults eggs. The adults can be food to coyotes, hawks, fox, bobcats, and domestic cats too.

Extra Fun-facts

The cactus wren is the state bird of Arizona.

The male wren is kept very busy during breeding season. Not only is he busy building a second or third nest, but he also cares for the young in the first nest while the female is incubating the next clutch of eggs.

Pictures of Cactus Wrens!!!!!!!!!!!!


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