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As part of our Daily Five “Cafe” we choose to work on extended vocabulary. Some of my students are writing down words that they think are interesting and may not know the meaning of the word. Next, they chose one word that they would like to work with and find other words that have the same/similar meaning. Once students found synonyms for the chosen word, I asked them to create a wordle of all the synonyms for the word. The following are the wordles that my students created.

Claire chose to create a wordle showing all the synonyms for the word “ambition”. She chose this word because she was able to figure out the meaning of the word based on the text surrounding it (context clues). Claire has not tried to use it yet and is still trying to become more comfortable with it.

Wordle: Mrs. G claire synonym for ambition

How have you used this word in your daily vocabulary?

Justin chose to learn more about the word inundated for his wordle. He chose this word because it was interesting and had a lot of sounds in it. He even tried to use it in a sentence at the dinner table once. He feels like it is a fun word, but is having trouble making it a part of his everyday vocabulary.

Wordle: Justin's amazingly awesome masterpiece tah tah!

Do you know of any other synonyms for the word inundated?

Xander was finding the definition of the word “agricultural”. When he was doing this he found the word “mortify” and wanted to try and use it in his daily vocabulary. One time his brother said he could throw a baseball farther than a kid that was smaller than him. When they competed, the little boy won and Xander exclaimed, “Dude! That was mortifying!”. Here are some synonyms for the word “mortifying”

Wordle: xander's wordle

Have you ever been mortified about something before? What happened.

Haley chose “exterminate” because she was reading Dork Diaries and one of the character’s dad was an exterminator. She was unsure what an exterminator was so she wanted to learn more about it.

Wordle: Haley's wordle

Do you use the word “exterminate” in your daily vocabulary?

Kylee chose “anticipate” because it was a word that she sort of knew the meaning of, but she wanted to make sure she understood the meaning. She is still trying to find a time when it could be used in her vocabulary. She needs to communicate with others more frequently.

Wordle: kylee's wordle

Kylee is anticipating that you will comment on our blog. :0)


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  1. Dear Mrs. Goucher and Class,

    I think creating word clouds of synonyms for your vocabulary part of Daily 5 is a great idea! Thanks for sharing!

    Kind regards,
    Mrs. Watanabe

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