My Lego creations

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My Lego creations

                                                        – By Nic

1. A Lego safe: I made two Lego safes, one of them you need a key, all you do is stick the key in a hole and the door pops open. The second one is a combination lock, you simply roll the pad and the you pull a handle and a little box comes out.(credit goes to YouTube)


2. Candy machine: It only takes gobstoppers or something round like a marble. Anyway, in order to get a candy, you have to push and then pull a lever. Then one candy or whatever you put in there pops out!(credit goes to YouTube)


3. This one is a vehicle, well, an RV. I actually got a big trailer from another Lego set. But what I did is I made the main walls and roof and then went on from there. I added slide-outs because it was pretty cramped in there. I planned out on paper where I would put the rooms, but first I had to plan what rooms I would put in my RV. But when I was done I had a bathroom with a bathtub, a kitchen with a sink,fridge,and stove. I also had two beds. I added a few little touches at the end, I put some windows, a door, and an ac unit.



Have you ever built anything fun and exciting with Legos?  If so, please share!

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