Lego Leg by Cody

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Hello blog readers! A few weeks ago, I read a newspaper article. It was about a woman’s leg. She was working on her car with her brother. The car was on a jack, of course. The car slipped off of the jack and landed on the woman’s leg. Her brother saw the accident and rushed her to the hospital. The doctors at the hospital took an x-ray of her leg and it showed that there was no breaks or fractures. A few weeks later, her foot had started to turn purple and black. Her brother drove her to the hospital again. The doctors asked her if she wanted to get her leg surgically removed or if she wanted them to fix it. She decided to remove her leg. Later when she had recovered, her colleagues were joking with her and said,”Why don’t you just make a lego leg?” She actually liked the idea! She bought her prosthetic leg and left. Two weeks later, she finished the leg. Of course it wasn’t functional and  she won’t be able to wear it . It was a good challenge for her and inspired many other people.

Have you ever been inspired to do something phenomenal because of something you have seen or heard about?  If so, please share your story!

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