Alien Sharks ! By Tirzah

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Dear blog viewers,

These sharks I am going to talk about seem like they come from a totally different world!   These sharks have 5 to 7 gills and fins that are not fused to the head. Here are three deep sea sharks I am am going to talk about.

Number 1 The Goblin  Shark! The Goblin shark is a rare species of deep sea shark. Sometimes called a living fossil. The features of this shark are it has a flabby body, and small fins,and its long snout can detect prey.

Number 2 The Frilled Shark! The frilled shark is a deep sea shark that has six pairs of gills,it has a dark brown eel like body. Its common name from  the frilly or fringed looks of its of six pairs of gills.

Number 3 The Megamouth. The Megamouth is an very rare species of deep sea shark. Only a few Megamouths have been seen they have mostly been seen when fishermen catch them, or they had been washed up on shore. The features are it has a brownish black color on top, and white  under,and has an asymmetrical tail with a long upper lobe.

those were the three deep sea sharks also known as alien sharks!                                      

2 Responses to “Alien Sharks ! By Tirzah”

  1. Julia Goucher says:

    Dear Tirzah,
    Your blog post on alien sharks was amazing! I couldn’t imagine fishing, then seeing this giant shark right next to me. Anyways, those alien sharks are very weird!
    Great blog post!

  2. Julia Goucher says:

    Dear Tirzah,

    Alien sharks are pretty scary. I won’t go to the deep and see them. I can’t believe that sharks can have more gills than I thought. That is amazing. By looking at the alien sharks I get the chills. 🙁 Well I really liked your blog post and I hope you like this. 🙂

    Your Friend,
    Elisa P. 😀

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