Bird Bash by: Justin, Cody, Lilly, and Claire

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Project feederwatch started at our school last year. This year was Mrs. Goucher’s and Mrs. fraher’s 2nd year of doing Project feederwatch. Project Feederwatch is a project with Cornell University. Both of our classes watch birds and keep track of which birds we see. Throughout the whole project we would hang up different bird feeders in different areas. Sometimes we can go outside and take pictures of the birds on our feeders. Now, Here’s what happened at our bird bash.

Talking about birdy things, we recently had a Bird Bash in the 3rd and 4th grade halls of Peralta Trails Elementary School. It had 13 different centers.  Mrs.Goucher and 3rd grade teacher Mrs. Fraher thought it would be a good way to introduce the Cornell University project called Project Feederwatch.  Everything had to do with birds, art, creativity, a nature walk, and a kick from brain power.  We even got to get videotaped and ask a question about birds, those questions would be sent to A.S.U students to answer.

One station is pinecone birdfeeders.  What we did was spread peanut butter on a pine cone, then we spread it around in a little put it in a pan of bird seed and it sticks on.  When it is all done we put them out by the bird feeders, which are in the wash that we can see out of our classroom windows.

Another station is making a collage. Mrs. fraher drew some birds and cacti on a large piece of  paper. She also cut up some magazines. We glued pieces of the magazine on the piece of paper.

Another station is drawing bird sketches. There are pieces of paper on a desk for students to use to create their sketches. There were also examples of professional bird sketches. We could draw a landscape but mostly just a bird. That was the bird sketching.

Another station is Ask A Biologist. Somebody would hold an ipod and record a question that you would like to say about birds. Your question would have to be specific. It was kind of like an interview.

Another station is Bird Sounds, There is a big book of bird sounds. It is called a bird bible. You can type a number one through nine hundred ninety nine. when you press it, you hear a bird sound. When you hear the bird sound, you have to guess what the bird is.

One of the other stations at the bird bash was clay heads.  At clay heads you had to chose from different  birds to make them into a clay head.  Then you choose a clay color and start sculpting. And when you were done you could take it home.

One of the stations at the bird bash was where you dissect an owl pellet. An owl pellet is owl puke. When we dissected them we had to pull out all the bones and other stuff to see what the owl had eaten.

Another station at the bird bash was Guess That Bird. Guess that bird is an app you can get on your iPad. The app shows different bird pictures and  4 different bird names. Out of those 4  bird names you have to guess which one is the correct name of the bird in the picture.

At feather painting what you did was you took a feather  and you dipped it in the paint if the paint was wet. Then you took a piece of paper and drew a desert scene with the feather you had.

There was also a station where you make bird tracks. You tie 2 pieces of pipe cleaner together making a shape like bird feet. Then we dipped the pipe cleaners in paint and dotted them on strips of paper.

When you were at the nest station you took raffia and string and made a nest using tweezers.  The whole point of this station was to act like a bird making a nest with a beak like a bird, so you couldn’t use your hands.

The next station is paint. Most of you should know the app “paint” on the computer. Well, we used that app. We had to draw a bird and you had to make it colorful. You could also draw the desert habitat we live in.

The last station was the nature walk. While doing the nature walk you went out on a walk with a group and a grownup and took pictures of birds.  You walked out into the wash outside our school where most of the birds are.

The Bird Bash was a great way to get students ready for our FeederWatch Project! :0)  Please watch the Animoto created by the authors of this article: Justin, Cody, Lilly, and Claire.

What kind of birds are found in your area?

If you could have joined us for the bird bash, which station would you like to go to?

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  1. Dylan's mom says:

    Wow! I had so much fun at your bird bash! You kids know how to keep it interesting! Those owl pellets and pine cone feeders were fun to see. I can’t wait to hear the answers from your “ask a scientist” activity. Will you post them?

  2. Julia Goucher says:

    Dear Lilly,

    I really liked your article. It was vary detailed. Don’t you agree that the bird bash was very fun?

    From Your Friend,

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