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Nicky and Andrew did some research on the Olympics to start the 2012 school year. They recorded their findings on educreations. Check it out!!!


Xander and Lilly also created a Show Me about the Olympics.

What is your favorite Olympic sport?

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  1. Geraldine♥ says:

    Good job Nicky and Andrew I loved your vedio it was very explainable I learned interesting facts i’ve never knew a bout!!
    Don’t forrget to go and vist our class blog and comment ☻

  2. Juila Goucher says:

    Dear Lilly and Xander,
    Cool! I like how you drew the things that you talked about. And I have one question, what was the dots in the middle of the medals you drew?
    Just wondering.And my favorite Olympic sport is swimming.


  3. julia goucher says:

    Dear Mrs. Gouchers Class

    nick and I did a good job back then. Were pretty young back then that was like about one or two months before the justice league.I even forgot about that.


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