Should you video conference in the classroom?

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In February, 2012 our class did a video conference with an Art Center, in Georgia.  One good reason why you should video conference, is because you get to meet special people around the world and learn about there culture, which gives the class different ideas for projects.  For example, our class learned about Native Americans, and we made Kachina puppets.  The second good reason why, is it will give the students a chance to ask questions, and the opportunity to learn something new.  If you don’t want your students to have a video conference because you think that it is a waste of classroom time when you could be teaching something else, you are wrong.  Your students can be learning something other than classroom work.  That is why you should video conference in your classroom.

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  1. Mrs. Grabowski says:

    I totally agree with the both of you about having video conferences in classrooms. It is wonderful to see how much you enjoyed them.

  2. Julia Goucher says:

    Dear Mrs. Goucher,
    I liked on how you gave reasons on why video chatting with other class’s around the world was great. I think it’s great too. I think you should put more detail on what the video chat was about. What was it about? Like was it about how they learn or something like that.

    ~Cassidy c:

  3. Julia Goucher says:

    Dear Mrs. Goucher,

    I totally like how you put on the mustacheo you a qusetion. It was really creative that you did that so you can get to know your students a little better. It was also really funny and understandable. You can also see what that person likes and doen’t like. Also I liked the props because it had made it little better because when some students were nervous. With out the props students were nervous and now with the props the students aren’t nerrvous anymore.


    Rheanna Allison

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