Mrs. Goucher’s Class Goes Fishing!!!

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The Fishing Trip                                                                                        By:Sarah,Hannah,Melissa, Jack, and Heath

Our  class went on a  field trip to the Game and Fish.   We went fishing and some people caught fish.  The people who caught the fish are Sarah, Hannah, Jack, and Heath.  They all caught rainbow trout.  It took us a long time to catch it we had to sit and do nothing for a long time.  We just had to be patient, and hope we’d catch something.

The first thing we did when we got there was learn the rules then get our fishing poles.  Some of us put our own bait on, and some of us got the parents and teachers to help us.  There were four kinds of bait – meal worms, power bait (corn), salmon eggs.

After we got the bait on we went by the lake when, and at the back of the fishing pole by the reel there is a  button. You put the fishing pole behind you, press the button, and remember to push the button unless you might get hooked like Jack, a guy in our class.  Then you throw it over, and when it’s up on top of you’re head, you let go of the button. It flies out into the water and if  it has some loose string, you should reel in the line a little so it’s nice and tight, otherwise when a fish tugs on the line, you won’t be able to feel the tug, and the fish will get away.

There are different ways to hold the fish when they are out of the water.  You don’t want to hold them by their fins because they are sharp and spiny, and you don’t want that to cut into your finger.  The Game and fish guy told us that he saw a person get five holes in his hands and it was not pretty.  Remember when we talked about Jack – well he did get hooked and that’s why you pay attention at what your doing and by the way, he is okay.


1# What did Hannah, Sarah, Heath, and Jack catch?

A. Jack fish

B. Catfish

C. Rainbow trout

2# Who got hooked?

A. Sarah

B. Melissa

C. Heath

D.  Jack

3# Where did we go fishing?

A.Game and Fish

B. Rodeo

C. Antarctica

4# Where do you not want to hold a fish?

A. belly
B. fins
C. head


5# What was by the reel?
A. stuffed animal
B. hat
C. button
D. fish








4 Responses to “Mrs. Goucher’s Class Goes Fishing!!!”

  1. jack says:

    Hi I’m Jack, the kid that got the fish hook in my left cheek. It did not hurt that bad but it hurt when they had to take it out.


  2. Mrs. Grabowski says:

    I think that you are very brave Jack. It looks like it was very painful. Have you been fishing since?

  3. jaren2012m says:

    Hi,I’m Jaren M.
    It looks like you had loads of fun and i’m glad you did!Did you guys
    see any craw dad?I think there pretty cool if you ask me.There pretty funny if you trick them with food.
    See you later!

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