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Look out the window, is it Superman? No! Is it a sasquatch? No!  It’s birds from the Sonoran Desert!  Mrs. Fraher and I have a dream for our students.  We are always looking for ways to integrate technology into our classrooms and we found a grant that would help us accomplish our goals.  The grant was through AZtea and CenturyLink.  We wanted to involve our classrooms in a collaborative project, Project FeederWatch, that allowed students to participate and share their results with the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.  Our class is currently working on a project because we were awarded the grant for $10,000!  We used the money to purchase iPads, binoculars, bird seed, and bird guides to help students in collecting data for the project.  Students are able to view bird species from our classroom windows and keep track in digital notebooks from their iPads.  So far we have observed nearly 30 different species.  Each day we put out fresh bird seed and take 15 minutes to observe the different bird species and record our data.  Students are keeping journals of all the interesting things they see  when they view.  So far we have made two kinds of bird houses, one from reclaimed wood from a barn, and one from recycled materials found around the house.  We have also done research on some of the different birds found in the desert, and created presentations to share with the class.  Finally, we pulled in some are by teaching the students about sketching and creating some sketches of our favorite birds.

birdwatching slide show-Medium_2

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  1. Leslie Boucher says:

    What a great project! I loved watching the slide show. I recognized the curve-billed thrasher, wth his bright orange eye. I hope you all get to see many more cool bird species this spring.

    Leslie Boucher

    • hannah says:

      Dear Leslie,

      Please don’t use your last name and by the way I knew it was a Curved Bill Thrasher. It looks cool right.Hope you liked our blog.


  2. Cierra says:

    Dear Leslie,
    How much did you like the sideshow and the pictures? Do you like our blog? It is very fun Birdwatching. I can’t believe how many different types of birds I saw. Write me back.

    Yours truly,

  3. bailey says:

    Dear Leslie ,

    hi there thank you for visiting our blog . What do you like about our blog??????Don’t use your last name. so you can keep your identity safe. Please leave more comments thank you again


  4. izabell says:

    Dear Leslie,

    I see a lot of different types of birds.I love the northern cardinal.What type of birds do you like?


  5. sarah swanson says:

    Dear, Leslie

    We have been listening and looking for birds and we have been recognizing them. Like you said, we have been doing the same thing. Have you recognized any other birds?


  6. Jessica says:

    Hello Lesile Boucher, I am one of Mrs.Gouchers students, and It is really fun ti sit there and watch those birds come up to her window. I am so glad to be watching them, do you now that we have to count species of the birds on our chart?

    Mrs.Goucher’s Student, Jessica

  7. Julia Goucher says:

    Dear Mrs Goucher’s class,

    I really do LOVE the picture’s of the birds 🙂 I really do like the Curved Bill Thrasher. You are So awesome as my opinion 🙂 I have a question for you guys, Do other animals come often to your windows? We love your blog. I hope you like this.


  8. julia goucheer says:

    Dear Mrs. Goucher,
    I had fun with this project can we do it again this year if we have the time?
    oh and I have a few ideas for projects in the near future can you please contact me back to hear these ideas.I liked watching the birds come to the window,oh i almost forgot I liked Steve

    With Care,

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