Science Night 2011

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The following article and Animoto was created by Sarah, Melissa, Rudy, Bailey, and Heath. Enjoy!

On December 12, 2011, our school had a “Science Night”. These are some of the awesome activities we did that night. The Phoenix Zoo came to the school and brought 4 desert animals.  The first animal they showed us was a desert tortoise.  Then they showed us a cactus mouse, it was so cute and fuzzy.  After that they showed us a gopher snake and a burrow owl.

Another project we did was “How To Make A Balloon Blow Up Without Your Hands Touching It”. The first step you do is to get an empty plastic water bottle, baking soda, a balloon and vinegar.  Then you fill the bottle to the first line with vinegar.  Then put baking soda in the balloon and put the balloon on the bottle.

Another project was to make tree cookies.  We learned that the state tree has green bark and is called a Palo Verde tree.  We also learned that if a tree is healthy it will fight of bad bugs, but if not it will die.  If a tree gets hit by lightning, when you cut the tree you can see where it got hit.

We did one activity that generates energy.  You crank and make power and light up a light bulb.  We learned what a power plant does every day.

We also learned from a master gardener about many natural plants in our desert.  There are some that you can eat and some that you can use to make medicine.

In one of the classrooms there was a test to see how good your brain works.  In the test, they showed color words written in a different color than the word.  We had to say the color of the word, not the word.  It was very complicated.  There were also many illusions on paper in the same room.  An illusion is something that seems different than what it actually is.  It was really cool!

We also went to see “Mr. Chemistry”.  He demonstrated experiments with dry ice.  One of the things he did was put a piece of dry ice into a container of red liquid and make it into carbon dioxide.  He also poured carbon dioxide onto a lit candle and that caused it to go out.  He also mixed carbon dioxide, water and dish soap to make a huge bubble.  Thank goodness the bubble didn’t pop and splatter everywhere!

We also saw a butterfly and it had laid eggs in a plant.  We found two caterpillars in the plant.  We also saw a chrysalis.  We also got to make seed balls.  I rolled a seed ball.  My brother put in 5 teaspoons of dirt stuff and I put in 2 teaspoons of seeds.  We mixed it and rolled it.  That was something fun to do!

There were many more activities kids could do at Science Night.  It was a fun night of learning!

Do you have science night at your school?  What activity would you have at your science night?

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  1. Rudy's Mom says:

    Dear Sarah, Melissa, Rudy, Bailey and Heath,

    Thank you for a very informative blog post. I was at science night and didn’t get to see everything. Now I feel like I have! I love the video and the song that was playing. I didn’t have a science night where I went to school so I am really glad I got to go to yours.

    You all are very impressive! Way to go!

    Rudy’s Mom

    • bailey,RUDY,heath,melissa,and sarah says:

      Dear Rudy’s mom,

      thanks for the comment .Its nice that you left a comment THANK YOU

      Heath,Bailey,Sarah,Rudy,and Melissa

  2. Heath's Mom says:

    Dear Mrs. Goucher Class,

    Thank you for the pictures of sience night. We did not get to go to every exibit either. It seemed like the time just went too fast. I enjoyed getting to see photos of things we missed. Thank you for such a great blog post.

    Heath’s Mom

  3. Sarah Swanson says:

    Dear Rudy’s mom,

    Thank you for the comment. We are happy that you got to see some of the things on the blog that you didn’t see at science night. What was your favorite activity?


  4. Cody says:

    Dear Mrs.Goucher’s class,

    I think that it is really cool that guys took the time to take pictures from science night and post them on your blog. That is a cool video to make. You do lots of amazing things on your blog. I hope that you get this post and reply soon.


  5. Claire says:

    Dear Mrs.Goucher’s class,

    I bet seeing that gopher snake was really cool to see. did the gopher snake have brown scales because of the name?
    Write back soon,

  6. justin says:

    Dear Mrs.Goucher’s Class,

    I loved the blog! Good job, I was not there the hole time so now I get to know what else there was. I never knew how to make carbon dioxide! Do you know what species of butterflies it was? I can not wait for next years science fair!


  7. anastasia says:

    That is so coo.l have always wanted to have a science night I love SCIENCE.

  8. Richard says:

    Dear Cody
    Thank you for saying lots of good thing about are blog and thank you for commenting.Science night was long but I like it. Hay, what was your favorite thing at Science night was the zoo or the experiment with water ,baking soada and the balloon.

    your best frriend Richard

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