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For challenge #10 we decided to write about our blog by evaluating our classroom blog so far. http://studentchallenge.edublogs.org/2011/11/21/challenge-10-evaluating-and-nominating/

So far this year we have created 13 posts on our classroom blog.  We changed our theme one time to make it different and so it would fit the personality of the classroom.  We really like the themes, but would like to have more to choose from.  It seems like there could be better use of space on the page of our blog.  There would be more room for widgets and other links.  We only have four widgets on our blog right now.  We do not want to crowd the page.   Anyways, we are working on some other projects that will eventually be posted to our blog.  Most of our posts are due to the Edublogs student challenge.  We have six posts that are projects our classroom did and we wanted to add to our blog.  Eight of our posts came from the student challenge, and one other post was in the beginning when we were just learning to blog.  We have recieved 108 comments so far this year from people around the world.  Our teacher challenged us to have our friends and family post comments and it worked!  Several family members from different states have posted comments!  Unfortunately we do not have any students or classrooms from other countries on our blogroll yet.  Could you help us out?  If you are from a country other than the United States, could you post a comment on our blog?  That way we can track you back and maybe add you to our blogroll!

We have some popular posts too.  Two posts get the most comments, Passionate Prickly Pear Jelly and Pueblo Villages of the Southwest.  Will and Kimberly did some research to create the Pueblo post and Mrs. Goucher worked on our Passionate Prickly Pear Jelly post.  We made the video though.  We think that these posts are popular because they are really interesting and people are interested in the Pueblo villages and making prickly pear jelly.  Plus we used some pretty cool technology resources. 🙂

We are all working on different posts, but Kimberly and Will’s post is the best.  They really enjoyed doing the research and posting cool facts about the natives.

Please help our class out.  If you are from another country and visit our site please leave a comment so we can find your blog and maybe add you to our blogroll!

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  2. josh vigil says:

    hey mrs gouchers class i really like your class blog its kool. at my new school we havent had a science night yet and we dont do science much here:( I wish I was there to go to it.


  3. Anthony O. says:

    Dear Mrs. Goucher’s class,

    I saw one of your videos when you were at science night. It looked cool. I wish I was at science night. The animals from the Phoenix Zoo. I liked the snake,Tortoise, and Owl. The science was cool too. I liked the part when the jar got over fulled with the red stuff. I wish I was at science night with you.

    Anthony O.

  4. Nathan says:

    Dear Mrs. Goucher’s class,
    If I could choose my own project, it would be to show people how plants bloom and when they bloom. It is a very cool video and I like the song it sang. The very coolest picture was the first one that the kids are doing. Next year I want to be in your class or Mrs. Martinez’s class. I would like to be in your class because you are always doing things fun like Mrs. Fraher. I liked when you made prickly pear jelly and I left a comment. I like when you do fun projects like that.
    Thank you for reading this!


  5. Addison says:

    Hi it is Addison and I love your blog and I love the color my favorite it looks so cool and I am amazed happy you have blog oh and I also liked when we did the bird feeding project that was fun and cool and guest what a chipmunk
    came and took a pin cone I think it was but I think it was a bunny I’m not sure
    but it was funny because it was bitting on it is so cool how we can do this at school I think it is vary cool how are master would let us do it bye I hope you and your class have a good day:p

  6. Rudy's Aunt from Pinetop says:

    Science night had so many interesting activities. Your teacher is amazing!! You are amazing and learning so much.

  7. Rudy' Dad says:

    It is great to see such great interest in science in Mrs. Goucher’ 4th Grade Class. I would suggest a next project idea that is focused on a beneficial reuse of a waste material. The landfills we are currently using will be EPA Superfund Clean Up sites when these 4th graders are retiring from work in 60 years or so and reducing landfilling would be really cool and great for the environment!

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