Arizona Natural Resources, Challenge 6

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This post is written by the students of Mrs. Goucher’s class for Student Blogging Challenge #6 about global issues. The global issue that we are most affected by is about natural resources.

In Arizona we have 5 main resources that the state is known for called the 5 C’s.  They are cotton, cattle, citrus, climate, and copper.  Students researched each resource to find information about the topic.  We then discussed the importance of conserving our resources.  Here’s what each group had to say about their “C”.

Olivia’s group researched cattle.  Here’s what they found about cattle in Arizona:

The first cattle that were discovered were probably a few Andalusian heifers and a young bull  brought into America by a man named Gregorio De Villalobos in 1521.

Gregario De Villalobos originally got the in Santo Domingo, west, indies, where they had been bred from the original  Spanish herds.

Apache raids and the out break of the civil war put an end to early cattle ventures.

Hannah’s group researched cotton.  Sarah brought in some cotton she picked from a field! 


Cotton is a versatile crop that has long been in demand for its unique qualities.  Arizona grows a variety called Pima Long Staple cotton witch was named as Native Americans of central Arizona.  Cotton can be made in to variety and fabric.  Cotton is the third c of Arizona.  The United State is the biggest exporter of cotton in the world.  More than one quarter of the cotton international commerce comes from the United States.  Cotton as far back a 100 A. D.  Arizona farmers grow enough cotton to make clothes for every man and women and child in the United States.

Here’s what Bailey’s group said about citrus:

Did you now citrus was the last of  the 5 C’s that contributed to growth in Arizona?

Columbus planted the the first citrus in the now world on his second voyage in 1493 to Haiti.

The west was the next region of the continental United States to grow citrus.

Did you now that AZ grows 170 oranges and lemons for every AZ residents ever year.

Did you now citrus in 1929 and 1930 made over $100,000 dollars?
The salt river valley was a good  location to grow citrus.

The first C of Arizona is cattle.  As you learned above it was introduced to Arizona along time ago.  It is an important resource that we must conserve.  As we grow as a state the cattle grounds are depleted.  We also have to worry about disease.  It’s a hard job to raise cattle.

The students discussed the importance of conserving copper, the second C of Arizona, and they said that  they felt that it is important to conserve copper because it  is used in everyday life.  The average human uses 1500 pounds of it in their lifetime.  We also discussed the importance of copper as an income source for many miners.  It’s important to conserve resources  so we have jobs for the people who work at the mine.

We thought it was really cool that cotton is the third C of Arizona. Many native tribes like the Hohokam and the O’odhamtribes grew cotton and used it to make blankets. Our class feels this resource is important because we make clothing out of it. We want to conserve cotton so that we have plenty of clothes for everyone.

The fourth C of Arizona is climate. Our beautiful winter weather attracts people from all over the globe. We hope that global warming doesn’t effect our climate and take away from our big business- tourism.

The final C of Arizona is citrus. We grow 170 oranges for every person living in Arizona. That’s a lot of oranges! Citrus provides vitamins that keep our bodies healthy, so we have to take care of trees so that we have citrus around forever!

 What do you think would happen if we had a shortage of our 5 C’s?

How does the 5 C’s relate to conservation of resources?

13 Responses to “Arizona Natural Resources, Challenge 6”

  1. Kathleen says:

    Very interesting. I learned a few things about Arizona I wasn’t aware of.
    thanks for the quick lesson.

    Rudy’s Aunt from Minnesota

    • Sarah says:

      Dear Rudys aunt, Thank you for posting a comment on our blog.Its nice of you to think its interesting. From, Sarah

      • Maria says:

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    • Veroniica says:

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  3. faith says:

    Dear Kathleen

    Thank you for watching our video.but what did you learn.

    sincerely faith

  4. Zachary says:

    Mrs. Goucher and Class,

    I always wondered how our shirts were made from cotton. It is awesome to learn. That all is really cool.

    Zachary K.

    • faith and nicolas says:

      Dear Zachary
      It’s amazing almost all of our shirts,pants and underwear are made out of cotton.Do you know how cotton is made?

      Your Friends
      nicolas and faith

      • Tarou says:

        It was 4.oclock in the morning in the ddlime of December, everyone was asleep except for one young girl because it was so hot that you could roast a chicken and she couldn’t sleep. She saw a bright light shinning through her window.She tried to open the door but the snow was too thick she tried and tried again to open the door she just couldn’t open it.She went upstairs and went into her bedroom she went out her window and she whispered “urgh! what’s that smell? it smells like burning cakes that have been burning for days.”As she went out the window the fire brigade came to put out the fire but there was no fire, then the fireman went inside the house to save the people, they didn’t know what had happened, they slept all through the dazzling light erupting from the base of the house.

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  7. Emily says:

    Dear Mrs. Gouchers class,

    I liked how you described copper. My dad makes copper. I want to know how
    copper is made?

    from, Emily

  8. Sarah says:

    Dear Mrs. Goucher’s class,
    I am a college student in Arkansas. I am working on creating a lesson plan about Arizona. Thank you for the information you gave me. It was a big help!!!

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